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Teachers and Teaching Assistants for 2023-2024

(Please check back soon for photographs and further information about our staff)



Teaching Assistant


Miss Bradley

(EYFS Leader)

Mrs Jones and Mrs Bray

Reception Hazel

Mrs Blinkhorn

Miss Parden

Reception Juniper

Mrs Penman-Evans/Mrs Hall

Mrs Whitley

Year 1 Fir

Mrs Richardson

Mrs O’Brien

Year 1 Ash

Mrs Coggins

Mrs Berryman

Year 2 Willow

Mrs Harrison

Mrs Ogden

Year 2 Birch

Miss Lynch

(Key Stage One Leader)

Mr Cunliffe

Year 3 Pine

Mrs Chapman

(Lower KS2 Leader)

Miss Blackburn

Year 3 Cedar

Miss Fildes

Mrs Gardener

Year 4 Maple

Mrs Baird (Assistant Head and SENCO) and Mrs Podmore

Mrs Kelly-Allcroft

Year 4 Beech

Mrs O’Neill

Mrs Lee

Year 5 Elm

Miss Webb and Mr Marks (Deputy Head Teacher)

Mrs Rendell

Year 5 Oak

Miss Bagdagi

Mrs Huntington

Year 6 Voyagers

Miss Mottram

Mrs Beaumont

Year 6 Discoverers

Mrs McCarthy-Stott 

(Upper KS2 Leader)

Mrs Foster

Miss Beaumont

Teaching Assistant - Year 6