Hello and a very warm welcome from the governors at Ellenbrook Primary School.

We are an elected group of people, including staff, parents and members of the local community. We are all volunteers and have varied and diverse backgrounds and we work as a team with the Headteacher and his staff, for the benefit of all the pupils.

Our school is dedicated to nurturing the talents of every one of our children. By inspiring them to learn and teaching them independence, we hope to instill the confidence and skills they need to be successful in every aspect of their lives. Mutual respect is at the heart of all our teaching and we are proud that our pupils show outstanding behaviour throughout the school.

We have an excellent team of staff who are innovative, creative and work tirelessly to ensure that every child enjoys their time at school and are supported to succeed. Outcomes for our pupils are consistently outstanding in all areas and this reflects the hard work of both staff and children.

As parents and carers, you are very much part of the whole school community and your opinions and comments are very valuable to us. You can contact us directly using the email address: S.Charlesworth-gov@ellenbrookprimary.uk

Suzanne Charlesworth
Chair of Governors

The Governing Board

Our Governing Board is made up of 12 individuals and includes different categories of governors:

  • Parent Governors x 2 – elected by parents of the pupils
  • Community Governors x 7 – elected by the governing body
  • Staff Governor x 1 – teachers or other staff employed by the school elected by their colleagues
  • LA (Local Authority) Governor x 1 – nominated by the LA and appointed by the governing board
  • The Headteacher also attends the meetings and is a governor

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Name Type Term from Term to Role
Roger Blackburn Headteacher 01/09/2018   Headteacher
Julie Strang LA 05/12/2020 05/12/2024 Vice Chair
Chair of School Effectiveness and Premises Committee
Suzanne Charlesworth Co-opted 21/11/2019 20/11/2023 Chair
Jill Hughes Co-opted 12/3/2019 11/03/2023  
Jack Prady Co-opted 14/11/2017 17/01/2020  
Malcolm Wilson Co-opted 21/11/2019 20/11/2023  
Rob Prill Co-opted 19/11/2019 18/11/2023 Chair of Finance & Staffing Committee
Anum Saleemi Co-opted 19/11/2019 17/12/2020  
Mr Shaun France Co-opted 10/03/20 09/03/24  
Elizabeth Williams Co-opted 10/03/20 09/03/24  
Steve Huxley Parent 26/06/2018 26/02/2020 Chair of Finance & Premises Committee
Frances Jones Parent 10/11/2016 09/11/2020  
Heather Podmore Staff 01/12/2018 30/11/2022  
Peter Marks Associate 13/11/18 12/11/22 Deputy Headteacher
Ms Michelle Patel Parent 09/11/2020 08/11/2024  
Ms Victoria Hilton Parent 22/10/2020 21/10/2024  

Note: Associate members have voting rights.

Ellenbrook Governing Board Attendance

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Names Role Autumn 2019
19th November
Spring 2020
10th March
Summer 2020
14th July
Roger Blackburn HT Attended Attended Attended
Peter Marks DHT n/a Attended Attended
Suzanne Charlesworth COG Attended Attended Attended
Julie Strang VCOG Attended Attended Attended
Malcolm Wilson Apologies Accepted Apologies Accepted Attended
Frances Jones   No Apologies Sent Attended Attended
Jack Prady   Apologies Accepted n/a n/a
Steve Huxley   Attended n/a n/a
Jill Hughes Attended Attended Attended
Anum Saleemi Attended Attended Attended
Heather Podmore Attended Attended Attended
Rob Prill n/a Attended Attended
Shaun France n/a n/a Attended
Elizabeth Williams n/a n/a Attended
  • HT – Head teacher
  • DHT – Deputy head teacher
  • COG – Chair of Governors
  • VCOG – Vice chair of governors
  • OBS – Observer

As well as termly meetings with the full governing board, we also have the following committees:

  • School Effectiveness and Premises
  • Finance and Staffing
  • Head teacher Performance management
  • Appeals

With the exception of Appeals and Performance Management, these committees meet termly. The Appeals committee is convened as and when required.

Attendance at our committee meetings can be found here:

School Effectiveness & Premises Committee

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Names/Dates Autumn 2019
29th October
Spring 2020
3rd March
Summer 2020
9th July
Roger Blackburn Attended Attended Attended
Peter Marks Attended Apologies accepted Attended
Julie Strang Attended Attended Attended
Suzanne Charlesworth Attended Attended Attended
Malcolm Wilson Attended Not attended Attended
Frances Jones Attended Attended Attended
Jill Hughes Apologies accepted Attended Attended
Rob Prill n/a Attended Attended

Finance & Staffing Committee

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Names/Dates Autumn 2019
15th October
Spring 2020
4th February
Summer 2020
16th June
Roger Blackburn Attended Attended Attended
Peter Marks Attended Attended Attended
Suzanne Charlesworth Attended Attended Attended
Frances Jones Attended Attended Attended
Steve Huxley Attended n/a n/a
Jack Prady Attended n/a n/a
Colette Plant Attended as BM n/a n/a
Jill Hughes Attended as observer Attended Attended
Heather Podmore Attended Attended Attended
Rob Prill n/a Attended Attended
Anum Saleemi n/a Attended Attended
Shaun France n/a Attended Attended
Elizabeth Williams n/a Attended Attended
Leah Robinson n/a n/a Attended as SBM

Role of the Governing Board

The Governing Board has a strategic role in ensuring the school fulfils its vision and mission. It:

  • Thinks and works strategically to help raise standards.
  • Plans the school’s future direction
  • Monitors and evaluates progress towards the school’s priorities and targets.
  • Supports the head and staff and challenges them.
  • Oversees the school budget and spending
  • Is accountable to all stakeholders for the school’s overall performance and for the decisions they have made.
  • Must ensure that systems are in place for the school to deliver a good quality education and keep children safe (but isn’t responsible for the day to day management of the school)
  • Act as a ‘critical friend’ – encouraging, supporting and challenging.
  • Selects the head teacher
  • Makes sure the school provides for all pupils including those with special needs

For more details on the role of the governors, see the job description.

Register of Personal, Pecuniary and Business Interests

All the governors and associate members of Ellenbrook Primary School have signed the register of personal, pecuniary or business interests. This is a declaration of any business interests, any material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and school staff (including spouses, partners and close relatives) and any governance of other educational establishments.

If any interest a governor has could be seen to cause a conflict of interest they would be asked to withdraw from any decision making concerned. This is to ensure that our governors can always be seen to be putting the interest of the school first.

The full register for our school can be found here :

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Name Business Interests Personal Interests Governance Roles in other educational establishment
Roger Blackburn None None None
Peter Marks None None None
Julie Strang None None None
Suzanne Charlesworth None None None
Malcolm Wilson Chairperson – 11th Worsley Scout Group. Group uses the school facilities None None
Frances Jones None None None
Steve Huxley None None None
Mrs Anum Saleemi None None None
Miss Dee Moyo None None None
Mrs Heather Podmore None None None
Mr Robert Prill None None None
Mrs Jill Hughes None None None
Ms Victoria Hilton None None None
Ms Michelle Patel None None None

School Governors

Suzanne Charlesworth Suzanne Charlesworth
Frances Jones Frances Jones
Julie Strang Julie Strang
Malcolm Wilson Malcolm Wilson
Jill Hughes Jill Hughes