At Ellenbrook School we are committed to keeping your children safe and that includes being safe when using a computer. Internet safety is taught every year in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, and children are reminded of the rules every time they access the internet in school.

E-Safety Letter for Parents

Please click here to read more.

NSPCC guidance on Keeping Children Safe online

'The NSPCC have launched a new campaign aimed at parents of all young children, and particularly parents of 8-11 year olds. The campaign is called 'Share Aware'.

The website offers invaluable resources and information to help support parents to keep their children safe online.

Please click here for a downloadable booklet, and here for access to the full Share Aware website.'

Our E-Safety Rules

Follow the 10 rules and stay safe online.

  1. Never give out personal information.
  2. Tell a grown-up if you find something that is not right.
  3. Never agree to meet people.
  4. Never send your picture.
  5. If someone says something mean online, tell a grown-up.
  6. Don’t do things online that you know are wrong.
  7. Check before you download anything.
  8. Don’t give out your password.
  9. Set up rules for going online.
  10. Show your parents and carers how you use the internet. Share!

For parents: The Internet opens up the world to children and young people. It allows for many wonderful educational and learning opportunities. In addition to useful education tools on the Internet, a great deal of content also exists that is not appropriate for children. We hope that the following information will support you in keeping your children safe in this digital world.

Game Consoles and Video Games

Video gaming can be great fun, with fantastic educational and social benefits, but it is essential that children are protected whilst they play!

Some games can contain material completely inappropriate for teenagers, yet alone primary school children. If you’d like information about the content of specific games, or the rating system in general, please go to:-

PEGI Ratings System
How the Ratings System works in the UK

Most games consoles can be ‘locked down’ to prevent children from accessing inapropriate material.

Please follow these links to learn how to set up parental controls on your game consoles:-

Click on these links for more information.

Think U Know
Great advice to keep children safe whilst using the internet.

CEOP internet police
News and articles surrounding internet safety.

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