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Parents Questionnaire 2017

Thank you to all of our parents for responding to the school questionnaire. We had 67 returns and the results were overwhelmingly positive, with 83% of replies either ‘agreeing’ or ‘agreeing strongly’ with all of the statements. We had some lovely comments from some very happy parents.

‘Very happy with the school’s fun, productive approach.’
‘A very welcoming environment for pupils and parents.’

Of the remaining 17%, the responses ‘disagreed’ or ‘strongly disagreed’ with one or two statements mainly centred around communication.

We are working hard to make communication faster and easier for parents to access. Problems with emails and not being able to print letters or forms can be fixed quite quickly - see below.

1. I can’t print off letters or forms at home.
There are always hard copies of all parent emails in the reception area. If all the copies have been taken, our secretary will be happy to print one for you.

2. I can’t change my details on Parent pay.
Please come to the office and we will change it for you.

3. Events are often at very short notice.
The newsletters and school website often give advanced notice of major events. Please also check your child’s book bag.

One or two parents were not happy with the way school had dealt with their concerns. Where parents had included details we were able to quickly resolve these issues.

We are always happy to talk to parents about anything that is worrying them. If you feel you have an unresolved issue, please contact school and make an appointment to see your child’s teacher or a member of the management team.

Thank you again for your wonderful support.

Mrs Parkins
Head Teacher

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