Year 6 Homework

In your Learning Logs this week, please can you show me what you know about the following objectives.

  • English. Writing action narratives that makes your reader’s heart thump. You could write another WW1 narrative, or a narrative set somewhere else that makes me feel nervous. You could write a different piece of writing inspired by the trenches of WW1. For Grammar, we have been focusing on tenses, word classes and sentence structures, so you could also show me what you know about these terms: particularly – can you think of a way to help the whole class remember the perfect tense and the progressive tense?
  • Maths (Mrs McCarthy-Stott’s group). Algebra. Can you create something that will help someone else learn how to use letters to represent numbers?
  • Maths (Miss Mottram’s group) .Fractions, decimals and percentages. Can you create something for our classroom that shows what you know?
  • Topic. The Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the throne. As you have just started this topic, you might want to do some initial research into anything you are personally interested in. What can you find out?

Don’t forget reading, times tables and keep going over those spellings. Also, use those revision books to fill in any gaps that you discovered over the holidays!

Please can Learning Logs be returned on Friday 27th April.

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