Year 6 Homework

Hi Year 6

In your Learning Logs for Tuesday 13th March, please show me what you know about the following objectives:

  • English. Integrating dialogue. You could create something to help Year 6 remember the rules of writing using dialogue. You could turn a comic strip or a text conversation into a piece of dialogue. You could create a piece of writing that encompasses dialogue. Remember to vary your use!
  • Maths. Angle facts. You could create a poster we could keep in the classroom advertising the facts Year 6 need to know. You could create a lift the flap guess the angle game. You could create a piece of angle inspired art (but make sure you can find the missing angles too!)
  • Geography. The eight points of the compass. Could you create a compass? Could you describe where places are in relation to somewhere else using the vocabulary of the eight points of a compass? It could be somewhere small (such as things around your bedroom) or large (such as the world map!).

Remember these are just ideas!

Don’t forget Times Tables Rockstars, spellings and to read, read read!

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