Year 6 Homework

Hi Year 6

For next week, Tuesday 6th March, in your Learning Logs, can you show me what you know about the following objectives:

  • English. Newspaper writing / bias. Can you find a real life example of bias in the news? Sports news might be a place to look! How can you tell the writer is biased? Is it obvious or hidden?
  • Maths. 2D shape vocabulary.  Could you create a game that tests another pupil’s vocabulary knowledge? Could you present different shapes in a sorting diagram?
  • Geography. The map of Europe. Could you plot where you have been in Europe on a map? Could you find out more about one particular place in Europe?
  • History. What caused World War One? Could you present what you know in a creative way?

Remember these are just ideas!

Remember to do lots of reading. Anything you find that might be useful to your own writing, remember to note down so you can use it. Please ask an adult to comment on your reading in your Reading Record.

Don’t forget Times Tables Rockstars too!

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