Year 6 Drama and Science

Year 6 have been continuing their work on William Shakespeare’s Macbeth over the past week. During this work they have done lots of drama to help them to analyse the characters: they have spoken Macbeth’s conscience, hot-seated the characters following King Duncan’s murder and, today, created a non-moving picture of the banquet scene in groups to help them imagine how the different characters are feeling. Later this week, Year 6 will be using all this work to help them to write their essays: Who is responsible for King Duncan’s death? I am interested in hearing their points of view (and their use of text evidence in their answers!)

Today, Year 6 also did some more work on the circulation system focusing on the heart. They worked collaboratively to put together a heart jigsaw. This included them having a really good think about the parts of the heart, and how blood travels around the body.

Have a look at the drama and heart pictures here.


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