Year 6 Arts Week Day 2 and 3

The website was not being our friend yesterday, so here is a round up of arts week Day 2 and 3 in Year 6.

Yesterday, Year 6 started by finishing off their watercolour landscapes in the style of JMW Turner. They then began to look at the second part of the class book, Varmints, where the Others take over, building tall buildings that scratch the sky. They began to study another artist: Trevor Grimshaw, who uses graphite and rubbers to create atmospheric industrial landscapes, inspired by the industrial landscapes of Manchester. Year 6 practised  using graphite sticks of varying softness, and then using a putty rubber to create highlights for effect. I am looking forward to seeing their finished pieces tomorrow!

Today, Year 6 were very lucky to be visited by an artist: Paul Pickford. He helped us to study another artist who focused on the industrial scenes of Manchester. You might have heard of him! L. S. Lowry. Year 6 drew 3D perspective Lowry landscapes, then made a group piece of an industrial landscape by creating buildings and doing rubbings. They turned out amazingly well!

Have a look at the pictures of Year 6 arts week so far.

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