WOW! Blackpool Zoo Trip

Following a slow start to the day due to traffic, Voyagers and Discoverers had a fantastic day at Blackpool Zoo beginning to explore our learning challenge this half term ‘Why are tigers not like humans?’ 

To name just a few…we saw the sea lions swimming, the penguins posing, the gorilla’s snoozing and the lions prowling. Not forgetting, Blackpool Zoo’s newest addition, a 5 day old zebra! 

We also got the opportunity to hear from one of the zoo keepers, who taught us about 4 of the different animal groups – mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds! We will be using and extending our learning of these groups in the classroom.

Take a look at Year 1 in action on their first trip this year!

A huge thank you to all the adults who volunteered to help and those who joined us today. We hope your enjoyed it as much as we did!

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