Week 2 with Bells

We have had such a fun week this week! We have been busy practising our Summer Performance songs and dances, and they are sounding great!

In DT we have been busy adding to our puppets. We have secured the heads in place, and have now started to think about their costumes. We have cut the template of the outfit and have begun stitching an applique feature onto the design. A massive thank you to those who donated costume material! It was very kind of you and we really appreciate it.

In Maths, we have enjoyed converting units of measurement and applying this to perimeter. Yesterday, we did a Problem Solving activity where we had to calculate the perimeter of a magic carpet, draw it to scale, and converted the measurements!

We had a lovely Science lesson where we discussed and explored how sounds were made, and how the sound travels to our ear. Some of our musicians played their instruments for us, and we worked out how the sounds were made.

We have continued working on our playscripts in English, and will be performing these on Monday. They have done a super job!


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