Amazons visit Bring Yer Wellies!

WOW! What a fantastic day Amazons have had at Bring Yer Wellies!

We most definitely didn’t need our wellies as the sunshine was glorious; a perfect day for an outdoor trip.

We began with a play on the “beach”, followed by a chat with our helper Nigel about what plants need to survive and how to look after them. Then we weaved through the herb garden and got to smell some lovely herbs – spearmint and lemongrass. After that, we put our newfound knowledge into practice and planted our very own spearmint and peppermint plants, before relaxing on the grass for lunch.

After refuelling, we worked in 2 teams – Miss Wilks’ team and Mrs Berryman’s team – to carry long sticks and sheets to make a den. Our other helper Melissa said that Amazons were the most sensible class she had ever had den building. Miss Wilks and Mrs Berryman were very proud! Finally, we were given a boat per team to name which we then took down to the brook to race in the current. Mrs’ Berryman’s team, the Minty Pirates, were victorious!

The children were an absolute credit to themselves and the school and a wonderful time was had by all!

Here are some pictures from the day.


Arts Week Day 1 – Amazons

This week in Amazons we will be creating lots of different types of birds using different artistic methods to link to the quote of the week “Together we’ll find the roots to grow and the wings to fly”.

Today we were extremely lucky to have artist Paul Pickford in our classroom supporting us with our artwork. We started the day looking at the colour wheel and how to mix different colours using only red, yellow and blue. The children then mixed their own colours and sponged these colours onto sheets of card, which we then used later on. As you can see from the pictures, we had great fun making lots of artistic mess!

Before lunch we spent some time looking at how to draw different kinds of birds from robins to peacocks to parrots! Miss Wilks, Mrs Berryman and Paul were all blown away with the children’s artistic talents!

After lunch we used our colourful sponged paper to cut out feathers of different sizes and stuck them onto a large parrot outline to create our class parrots!

We have all thoroughly enjoyed our day and can’t wait for the rest of Arts Week!

King of Tiny Things visits Amazons

Last week we had a very special visitor – The King of Tiny Things! He asked Amazons if we could find out what species of birds and trees there are around Ellenbrook so that he could look after them properly.

We went on a bird hunt in the playground, taking pictures and identifying all of the local birds. We then followed The King of Tiny Things clues and found lots of different types of trees around the school. We used their leaves to identify them!

We wrote lots of letters to The King of Tiny Things, created bird posters and created a class tree, full of different species of birds we have been learning about.

Here are some pictures from the week..



Swallows go on a bird and leaf hunt

The children were given clues this week which they had to decode and translate from nonsense alien words to places around the school. They then visited these places and identified the types of trees there were – deciduous or evergreen. Back in class they had to find out the names of the trees and plants based on the leaf structure. What trees can you name when you’re out and about this bank holiday weekend?

They also had to use a map to direct themselves around the school grounds to find common U.K. birds. What birds can you name when you’re out and about this bank holiday weekend?


Year 5 Whistles- Plants

In Year 5, we have been looking at how plants reproduce. We planted some poppy seeds and then talked about how a flower might make these seeds.

We learnt all about the different ways that the pollen can travel from flower to flower and then how this pollen joins with an ovule to create a seed.

The children were challenged to create a piece of role play to show this process using all the vocabulary they had learnt.

They all did a fantastic job! Take a look at some pictures below.   

Amazons explore our local environment!

This morning Amazons came into the classroom to find a very strange, small blue creature sat in a cardboard box in our tuff tray. With it was a letter from our new friend Chrissy explaining that the creature was a Bog Baby!

She wanted to know what our local area was like and whether there were any friends for her bog baby near us. So we set off on a walk around Ellenbrook to find out!

Here are some pictures of exploring our local area and some of the plants and trees we saw on the way.

We recognised lots of different plants and trees and there were also some we didn’t know so we have decided to research them over the next couple of weeks!

Swallows investigate their local environment

Chrissy left us a letter and a bog baby today! She told us to read her story about where the bog baby is from and what it is like where he lives. She also asked us ‘what is like where you live; what lives there?’ So off we went to have a look in the local area around school. We did see lots of trees, leaves, flowers and birds but we couldn’t name them all. Our next job is to find out the names of the trees, flowers and birds so we can report back to Chrissy and let her know!

Year 2 Sharks – What happens when things grow?

This half term we have had alien visitors in Year 2 Sharks. We are trying to convince them of the best conditions needed for plant growth. The children have had lots of exciting ideas for how we can prove this. Please enjoy some of the photos we have taken, while we have been measuring, planting, watering, comparing and sorting.

Dentists make great…..Flossophers!

Year 4 became DENTISTS today!

First we explored our own teeth using mirrors and then we became dentists and explored our partners.

We had a go at counting our teeth and looking for the different types of teeth.

Did you know you only have 4 types of teeth and each has a very important job!

Tomorrow we are continuing by looking at animals teeth, in particular Elephants.