Year 3 Sharks dig deep at Bring Yer Wellies

Year 3 have been archaeologists today at Bring Yer Wellies to inspire our Stone Age Topic learning. They learnt the art of digging for artefacts and reconstructed parts to reveal a Stone Age object. They finished the day with some team building. It was a wonderful day!

Swallows go on a bird and leaf hunt

The children were given clues this week which they had to decode and translate from nonsense alien words to places around the school. They then visited these places and identified the types of trees there were – deciduous or evergreen. Back in class they had to find out the names of the trees and plants based on the leaf structure. What trees can you name when you’re out and about this bank holiday weekend?

They also had to use a map to direct themselves around the school grounds to find common U.K. birds. What birds can you name when you’re out and about this bank holiday weekend?


Swallows investigate their local environment

Chrissy left us a letter and a bog baby today! She told us to read her story about where the bog baby is from and what it is like where he lives. She also asked us ‘what is like where you live; what lives there?’ So off we went to have a look in the local area around school. We did see lots of trees, leaves, flowers and birds but we couldn’t name them all. Our next job is to find out the names of the trees, flowers and birds so we can report back to Chrissy and let her know!

Swallows get ready for battle!

When Swallows came in this morning there was…DRAGON POO EVERYWHERE!

After reading a diary entry from William the Conqueror and the start of the story ‘Sir Scallywag and the deadly dragon poo’, it became clear that William’s army had tried to get to the treasure (hidden in our school) by bombarding the classrooms with dragon poo. Thankfully, Baron Greedygut’s plan didn’t work…we still have the treasure!

To prepare ourselves as brave and noble knights we have been practising getting the Ellenbrook castle ready to defeat William’s army. We have rehearsed the following steps:

1. Fill the moat.

2. Lift the drawbridge.

3. Lower the portcullis.

4. Run up the motte.

5. Keep a look out.

6. Arrows at the ready.

7. Aim and fire!

The children are now ready to write their instructions for the other knights in the school!

News reporters in Swallows

Well would you believe it, on arriving at school on Monday morning the children discovered their classroom had been trashed! Whatever had upturned the tables and chairs, ripped our displays and scrunched up paper had left footprints and a large green egg. The children reported the incident on their own news Chanel throughout the day and have been asking lots of questions about what has happened.