Arts Week Day 2 – Amazons

Today we have been working with watercolours and focussing on blow painting!

We began creating a feelings board using different colours to represent different feelings. Then we experimented mixing the primary colours by blowing them over each other. We then created eagles by blow painting their wings.

Another great day! Here are some pictures:

Arts Week Day 1 – Amazons

This week in Amazons we will be creating lots of different types of birds using different artistic methods to link to the quote of the week “Together we’ll find the roots to grow and the wings to fly”.

Today we were extremely lucky to have artist Paul Pickford in our classroom supporting us with our artwork. We started the day looking at the colour wheel and how to mix different colours using only red, yellow and blue. The children then mixed their own colours and sponged these colours onto sheets of card, which we then used later on. As you can see from the pictures, we had great fun making lots of artistic mess!

Before lunch we spent some time looking at how to draw different kinds of birds from robins to peacocks to parrots! Miss Wilks, Mrs Berryman and Paul were all blown away with the children’s artistic talents!

After lunch we used our colourful sponged paper to cut out feathers of different sizes and stuck them onto a large parrot outline to create our class parrots!

We have all thoroughly enjoyed our day and can’t wait for the rest of Arts Week!

Arts Week Day 1 Year 4


What a great start to Arts Week in Year 4.  Fitting with the whole school quote above we have chosen to explore further the refugee art work we touched on during our Refugee topic.  It fits perfectly as we believe that everyone deserves the support of others to help them grow and everyone deserves the wings to fly and have freedom.

We started by exploring and finding messages in the art work created  by refugees, the children have such a good understanding of this area it was lovely to read their interpretations.

Then we had a go at imitating the art work by sketching and using our  watercolour skills from Spring term. Some lovely pieces to see below 🙂

This afternoon the children collaborated with a partner and started to design their own piece with a message…….

Arts week in Jets – Day Five!

We made it!

Our final day of arts week was another fun one…the children created a CD-case cover for the Bear’s CD! To do this they used ripped paper for the head and nose, chalk for a furry effect and black pens to add the detail. Click here for the photos and some of our finished final pieces.

I’ve had a great week and sure the children have too!

Enjoy the half-term holiday 🙂 Miss J.

Arts week in Jets – Day Four

Our penultimate day of arts week and what a busy day we have had in Jets! The children have worked through a number of activities to produce work which will contribute to our ‘final-piece’ display, including: oil pastel and watercolour leaves, collage leaves, collage branches and watercolour grass paintings.

In the afternoon, the children developed their water colour skills; adding a larger range of colours to their washes though, to create a sun-setting sky. They then added black cut-outs with chalked windows, doors, signs and lights which formed a city sky-scraper scene. The pieces look great and effectively represent the bear sailing back from the big city to his home in the wood.

Click here for Thursday’s photos. 

Year 4 Whistles Arts Week – The Lost Happy Endings

Hi Parents!!

We have had a jam packed week so far………

Monday – We read the Fairy tale based story The Lost Happy Endings by Carol Ann Duffy…….

Image result for the lost happy endings

We then explored our views of Art and what Textiles is which led us to discover our artist – Louise Baldwin! Using Louise’s style we then created collage garments for Jub’s washing line.

Tuesday – Yesterday our school artist Isobel came to work with us and we made FELT from scratch.  In the afternoon we put our sewing to the test and created bunting for Jub’s house!!

Today – This morning we went out into the school grounds and collected twigs, leaves, bark and sticks!! We then used these to make a big ladder and some twig decorations to make Jub’s house look homely. We spent a very long time working in teams creating a large tree using our collage skills.

Take a look at our week so far…..



The Lost Happy Endings……. on PhotoPeach

Arts Week in Year 5

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Next week is our annual Arts Week! Each class will be immersed in a week of artistic activities to help them develop skills in different art areas and explore their creativity. Each class will be working on an art project based around a book.

In year 5 we will learning about the Fibonacci sequence. We will use the book ‘Blockhead- The Life of Fibonacci’ as a starting point and then explore patterns in nature through various techniques.

On Monday 23rd May we will be going for a walk in the local area to collect natural resources to use in our art work. Please ensure your child brings to school sensible footwear that you won’t mind if they get a bit muddy- a coat is also advisable. Furthermore, can you send your child with a named art shirt to wear over their uniform whilst taking part in any messy activities!

Lastly, it would be wonderful if you child brought in found and recycled paper or paper products.

Thank you for your support,

Mr Marks