Swallows get ready for battle!

When Swallows came in this morning there was…DRAGON POO EVERYWHERE!

After reading a diary entry from William the Conqueror and the start of the story ‘Sir Scallywag and the deadly dragon poo’, it became clear that William’s army had tried to get to the treasure (hidden in our school) by bombarding the classrooms with dragon poo. Thankfully, Baron Greedygut’s plan didn’t work…we still have the treasure!

To prepare ourselves as brave and noble knights we have been practising getting the Ellenbrook castle ready to defeat William’s army. We have rehearsed the following steps:

1. Fill the moat.

2. Lift the drawbridge.

3. Lower the portcullis.

4. Run up the motte.

5. Keep a look out.

6. Arrows at the ready.

7. Aim and fire!

The children are now ready to write their instructions for the other knights in the school!

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