Reception’s Autumn walk in the woods!

We had a fantastic start to the week  – we put on our wellingtons and went for a lovely, crisp walk in our local woods. It was lots of fun running through the leaves and spotting different autumn signs in the world around us. On our walk we found pine cones, acorns, conkers, apples, crunchy leaves and berries! We collected lots of things to add to our investigation table!

Have a look at our Autumn walk pictures below…

Reception Elm’s Autumn walk.

Reception Oak’s Autumn walk.

In our classroom we have lots of autumn materials (thank you for you all the items you sent in!) and we have been using them within our provision. We have;

  • Threaded autumn leaves.
  • Compared leaves by size.
  • Rolled and counted conkers.
  • Created autumn tree art.

We have also been looking at the book ‘Leaf Man’ and used our Autumn collections to make our own leaf characters. Another busy and exciting week!

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