Reception Jets – O, Oh! Dino!

What a roar it has been in Reception Jets this week! t-rex5

On Monday we found giant footprints in our classroom and a mysterious egg outside! The children were very excited! We wondered DSCN1192what could be inside the egg and went into the ICT suite to draw what we thought. Some children drew an emperor penguin, some drew a crocodile, Michael drew a kangaroo and lots of others drew a DINOSAUR!

OnDSCN1227 Tuesday, things became a little clearer when Arlo, the good dinosaur, left us a message. He told us he had found it and it was our job to keep the egg safe and sound! We had a go at passing a real egg around the carpet to see how fragile they can be. Luckily nobody dropped it! Phew! We worked very hard to keep our giant cosy and warm.

Also this week, we have been working on our floorbooks to answer our learning challenge ‘How do we know so much about dinosaurs?’. We have taken part in lots of dinosaur activities. We have made our own dinosaur fossils, measured dinosaurs by height, wrote our own dinosaur non-fiction books and dressed up as palaeontologists to dig for dinosaur bones in the sand!

This week the children have been noticing that the egg is cracking! I wonder what will be in store next week…

Have a look at all our dino fun…

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