Reception Jets – A Visit From Nastysaurus!

As I’m sure you’ve heard, on the weekend we were visited by a very large, unwanted creature…Nastysaurus! On Monday we watched the CCTV footage of him entering our classroom and stealing the egg just like he tried to do in the Tinysaurus story.

Cover your eyes!

This week we have drawn story maps, danced to the dinosaur stomp, made a very mucky dinosaur swamp and turned ourselves into ‘good dinosaurs’. Of course we all want to be like Arlo and not Nastysaurus! Take a look…

And finally today, just what we had been waiting for….the egg hatched! Welcome to the world …..Santa the Stegosaurus (Alliterative name chosen and voted for by Jets themselves!)



Have a lovely weekend x

One thought on “Reception Jets – A Visit From Nastysaurus!”

  1. Wow what an exciting week! The dinosaur stomp looks so much fun. Nastysaurus is very scary, glad he brought the dinosaur egg back safe and sound to Jets. Santa is very cute! x

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