Arts Week in Year 3 Bells DAY 2

Another successful day of art work in Year 3 Bells. Today we created the New York city background for our comic strip. „We practised drawing different New York buildings and sky scrapers and then we created a silhouette of the city’s skyline.

In the afternoon, we looked at different scenes from our book Traction Man. In groups, we practised drawing large versions of different parts of the story in order to create story boards. Finally we used felt tip pens and paint to make our designs come to life – comic book style! Have a look at the pictures from Day 2 here. 

Arts Week in Year Three Whistles – Day TWO


After choosing 5 scenes from our story (TUESDAY), Whistles were split into 5 teams today; each being responsible for a scene each. This meant they had to create an annotated plan of their scene, a shopping list of things to make and the resources they would need to make them; in addition to designing a frame for the theatre that would reflect the setting of their scene.

The children used the skills of creating character parts from yesterday when making their puppets for their scene and collage/painting skills for the frames.

We also started to design our own ‘Whistles Theatre’ sign and some curtains for the stage, which will hopefully be finished in the morning.

The children are now ready to put together a shadow puppet show, which we will record and display in our art gallery at the end of the week, along with our other artist products yet to be made!


Arts Week in Year Three Whistles – DAY ONE

What a fantastic start to the week Whistles have had; with a visit from our artist, Paul, to get us going on creating our mechanical puppets for our shadow puppet theatre (by showing us how character body parts are drawn, depending on the position of the character) and getting creative with paper through origami, we are ready to continue the arty fun tomorrow.

Have a look at the process so far…

Reception Jets – Ready, steady, go!

This morning Reception Jets completed their sponsored run – how many laps we could complete in 15 minutes! They were very excited and raring to go. They all did a fantastic job and I’m extremely proud of their effort.

Take a look at us in action! 

Charlie and Daniel did an amazing job and lead the team to complete 11 laps of the field! Great job boys!


Year 4 Book Arts Week – Day 2

Welcome to ……..

‘Year 4 Jurassic Park Museum’

A fantastic start to book arts over the past 2 days.  Yesterday year 4 worked with our wonderful artist  Isobel and created some fabulous sketchbooks.  They learnt some new skills using different media and came up with some fab sketches.

Today year 4 have started to create a real dinosaur bone.  They began by sketching, researching and even started to use a new technique to create them.

Some of the bones will even be LIFE SIZE!!!!!!

All of their hard work will be showcased in a museum at the end of the week.

For now enjoy our videos ……….


Year 4 Book Arts Week Day 1 + 2 on PhotoPeach

Year 4 Book Arts Week Day 1 + 2 on PhotoPeach

Year 3 Bells Arts Week Day 1

What a fantastic start to Arts Week we have had in Year 3 Bells! Today we worked with our artist, Paul Pickford. Paul taught us how to draw superheroes and villains using simple shapes. We looked at expressions, costumes and colours and then the children paired up to create their own superheroes and villains. After break, the children used model magic to create models of their design which we will paint later in the week. Take a look at the photos from Day 1 here. 


Reception Jets – Arts Week!

Day One
Reception Jets have had a great start to Arts Week meeting Supertato! – One powerful potato who uses his super strength and super speed to defeat the Evil Pea!

Today the children listened to the story for the first time and were immediately engaged by his comical character.  We looked closely at the use of colour and discussed the human features which the illustrator has used to animate the vegetables in distress! Alongside superhero belt making, mixing colours with the evil peas and turning themselves into superheroes, they began their creative journey by exploring oil pastels and the different techniques which can be used. In the afternoon they applied this learning to creating their own observation drawings of superhero vegetables.

We are really looking forward to meeting our artist tomorrow and begin collaging and drawing on a larger scale…

Day Two
After completing our sponsored run, we were ready get messy for day two of Arts Week!

Today we met our wonderful artist Isobel. We worked with her in groups and she showed us the skill of collaging using different materials. We began to piece together the background of our very own Supertato comic strip, which we will showcase to you at the end of the week!

The children also did a fantastic job of using different media to create their own superhero vegetables! We had super carrots, courgettes, leeks, sweet potatoes and peppers. They really enjoyed this activity and the finished products put a huge smile on mine and Mrs Berryman’s faces 🙂

Enjoy today’s pictures…

Reception Jets Superhero Vegetables! on PhotoPeach

Working with our artist! on PhotoPeach

Day Three

Today we were lucky enough to have Isobel the artist with us again. This morning she showed us how to draw Supertato paying extra attention to detail…the children have never been so quiet! They then applied this learning to using fine markers and watercolours to add characters to our comic strip. It is coming together nicely and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product 🙂

Reception Jets Drawing Superveg! on PhotoPeach

Alongside this we got messy with paint and explored printing and pattern with different kinds of vegetables. Take a look!

Printing and Pattern on PhotoPeach

Year 6 Arts Week – Day One!

We’ve had a fabulous start to our Arts Week so far and are all really excited to be looking at The Mysteries of Harris Burdick.

Today we’ve explored different pages of the book and decided on possible stories that each picture and quote might be telling. This afternoon, we’ve been in mystery mode and thought of our own mysterious quotes to hint at a story. We then decided how this might look in the frame of a picture before doing some photography to capture our quotes! I can’t wait to use these tomorrow when our artist comes to visit – remember to have your art shirts ready, I’ve got a feeling it might get messy!!

Have a look at some of our pictures from today…

MONDAY 1 on PhotoPeach

MONDAY 2 on PhotoPeach