Supertato to the rescue in Year 2!

We’ve had great fun this week with our new text “Supertato”. We have studied the book searching for adjectives, adverbs and did lots of “magpieing”! After designing and then making our own Supertatoes, we wrote speech bubbles which included three adjectives and a comma. We are so clever!

Year 4 Homework


 Due – Friday 15th January 2016

As usual make sure you learn your spellings and practise your times tables.

 Choose ONE or more options.


  1. Literacy – Tell me more about the man on the front cover of The Arrival by Shaun Tan. You can do this however you wish and use your imagination.
  2. Numeracy – You MUST all practise your times tables. You must chant them, write them down and ask someone at home to test you. Take a grid home too and time yourself.
  3. Science – Create a piece of work on ANY habitat you wish!

Year 6 Scratch

Year 6 have been working on improving their programming skills using the programme Scratch. They have made some excellent games called Whack-a-Snack, where you gain points for clicking on healthy snacks and lose points for clicking on unhealthy snacks. How many points can you achieve before the time runs out? Comment with your highest score!

Are Year 2 as fit as Andy Murray?

Happy new year to our wonderful children and parents! We hope you’ve all had a fantastic break and a great start to 2016!

Year 2 have certainly been put through their paces this afternoon with our brand new science topic, ‘Does Andy Murray eat 5 a day?’ We have been thinking all about what we can do to keep our bodies healthy, starting with… exercise!!

We learned how to find and check our pulse and then investigated whether exercising changed it! Check us out in action here (I think we definitely have some future athletes in our class- watch out Andy Murray!)