Full Time Fun

What a fantastic week we have had – all our friends in together! We have formed some lovely friendships and have continued to practice our class rules of using kind hands, looking after our toys and listening to the grown-ups and our friends. We have continued our exciting topic of colours and thankfully the sun came out for our ‘bright colours’ day as it went missing on our yellow day! We have really enjoyed learning about dark colours where we looked at dark spooky pictures for points of discussion, practiced our cutting skills by cutting out spiders and following recipes in our mud kitchen.

We loved orange day as we got to make our very own glass of orange juice and we even had a go at using the sharp knife (with Mrs Richardson’s help) to cut the orange. We followed instructions to cut, squeeze, pour and best of all drink the orange juice!

We have finished the week off by looking at a story which brings all our colours together…on an elephant! ‘Elmer’ has proved a firm favourite and we are looking forward to creating our own patchwork for our class Elmer.

Take a look at the photographs from our week here!


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