Year 6 Whistles- mountains and rivers

After our incredible few days in Lledr hall exploring the landscape of North Wales, Lledr river and the Snowdonia mountains, we were interested to find out how rivers and mountains are formed.

We looked at the structure of the Earth and how plates converge together to create mountains. We then researched the journey of a river and the children were given a challenge to present what they had learnt to the rest of the class. We had some brilliant role play and we even had one group do a rap using all the vocabulary they had learned!

Here it is:

We have the rain and the mountains,

plus the source and the springs,

which follows on to the tributary.

Confluence, meander and floodplains too

and the delta and the mouth which is awesome for you!

We are looking forward to delving further into North Wales and finding out lots more about it!


Year 6 Whistles- our first week!

We have really enjoyed our first week in Year 6! We have loved seeing our friends again, meeting our new staff and learning lots of new things.
Science was particularly interesting as we have looked how the world was formed and its different layers. We have also really enjoyed our writing about our unbelievable summer where we have travelled to the Great Wall of China, the North Pole and the Taj Mahal and met dinosaurs and Albert Einstein! Miss Hay has thoroughly enjoyed reading them!
Year 6 has also brought lots of new responsibilities and opportunities and we can’t wait for the rest of the year!

Watersports Experience – Year 6

Year 6 have spent three action packed afternoons at the Helly Hansen Watersports Centre, Salford Quays.

Conditions were perfect for all the activities, which included: canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing and sailing. Each session focused on having fun, gaining water experience and learning new skills in a more challenging environment.

The children were amazing and had a fantastic time, making many more memories together.

Arts Week 2018 Year 6

During arts week Year 6 were very lucky to be visited by an artist: Isobel Pickup. She helped the children to transfer their William Morris designs onto printing tiles.

The children used great concentration and skill to cut out their design. Then it was printing time; lots of ink, precisely placed rollers and patience were called for. Year 6 rose to the challenge and even the man himself would have been proud of their craftsmanship and printmaking efforts. Finally, Year 6  produced true masterpieces that pay homage to William Morris.




Arts Week 2018 Year 6

Year 6 have been inspired by William Morris and his Arts and Crafts movement. The man who believed that “wherever nature works, there will be beauty”, that art should be accessible to all and not “only a few” and that hard work would result in success, has been an excellent role model for all the Year 6 artists and designers.

The children used elements of Morris’ patterns to create their own unique designs.

Well Done Year 6!

What a brilliant week Year 6 have had. A huge well done to all the children – their hard work really paid off! Each and every one of them has tried their absolute best, and we could not have asked for any more of them. They’ve had such a wonderful attitude towards their tests all week.

To relax and to celebrate, we’ve had a whole day of fun, which ended with outdoor games and pizza.


Another well done Year 6. Have a fantastic weekend. Rest, relax, enjoy yourselves – you deserve it.

Year 6 – King of England

This week in Year 6 we have produced election campaigns for the three claimants to the throne in 1066.

The children worked hard in their teams, reaching agreements and organising who should play which part. All children showed fairness and consideration to others and listened to ideas and suggestions, taking account of different views.

Each group gave a two-minute persuasive speech to Year 5 about why they thought their candidate was the best person for the job of King of England.

The votes have been counted and results revealed tomorrow!




Year 6 Homework

In your Learning Logs this week, please can you show me what you know about the following objectives.

  • English. Writing action narratives that makes your reader’s heart thump. You could write another WW1 narrative, or a narrative set somewhere else that makes me feel nervous. You could write a different piece of writing inspired by the trenches of WW1. For Grammar, we have been focusing on tenses, word classes and sentence structures, so you could also show me what you know about these terms: particularly – can you think of a way to help the whole class remember the perfect tense and the progressive tense?
  • Maths (Mrs McCarthy-Stott’s group). Algebra. Can you create something that will help someone else learn how to use letters to represent numbers?
  • Maths (Miss Mottram’s group) .Fractions, decimals and percentages. Can you create something for our classroom that shows what you know?
  • Topic. The Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the throne. As you have just started this topic, you might want to do some initial research into anything you are personally interested in. What can you find out?

Don’t forget reading, times tables and keep going over those spellings. Also, use those revision books to fill in any gaps that you discovered over the holidays!

Please can Learning Logs be returned on Friday 27th April.