Arts Week in Year 5

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Next week is our annual Arts Week! Each class will be immersed in a week of artistic activities to help them develop skills in different art areas and explore their creativity. Each class will be working on an art project based around a book.

In year 5 we will learning about the Fibonacci sequence. We will use the book ‘Blockhead- The Life of Fibonacci’ as a starting point and then explore patterns in nature through various techniques.

On Monday 23rd May we will be going for a walk in the local area to collect natural resources to use in our art work. Please ensure your child brings to school sensible footwear that you won’t mind if they get a bit muddy- a coat is also advisable. Furthermore, can you send your child with a named art shirt to wear over their uniform whilst taking part in any messy activities!

Lastly, it would be wonderful if you child brought in found and recycled paper or paper products.

Thank you for your support,

Mr Marks

Jon Mayhew Author Visit

Year 5 and 6 were very lucky today, and were visited by a real life author! Jon Mayhew, author of the Monster Odyssey series, came in and spoke to the children all about his books, his life and where he gets his ideas from. It turns out that authors steal lots of their ideas from other places, and Jon Mayhew had been inspired by Greek Mythology, History and Science. This was fantastic as the children not only learnt lots about Jon’s books and about being an author, but learnt lots about other things as well! (It was great for Y6 as evolution came up a lot, and that is something we are learning about at the moment!)

I know the children all had a fantastic morning. A big thanks to Urmston Bookshop for organising the event.

If any of the children in Year 5 or 6 would still like to purchase a signed copy of one of Jon Mayhew’s books, please send a note in with payment for them to your child’s teacher before the end of the week, and Urmston Bookshop will send them to us next week. It was £6.99 for one book, or £6 if you buy more than one. (You can find more information about Jon’s books on his website here).

Have a look at the pictures of the morning here.

Year 5 Jodrell Bank Trip

Our trip to Jodrell Bank on Friday was brilliant!

In addition to being able to look round the exhibitions and at the Lovell telescope itself, we took part in two workshops – one called ‘Solar System Science’ and one called ‘The Mars Rover Challenge’. These workshops answered lots of our questions about space, and were very fun!

In ‘Solar System Science’, the pupils completed a variety of experiments related to craters, meteorites, how light travels in space and the mass of objects on different planets. In ‘The Mars Rover Challenge’, the children worked in teams to simulate landing a Rover on Mars by creating something which would protect an egg from being dropped. Only one team had an intact egg by the end!

The children’s behaviour was fantastic at all times, and they were very patient on our long drive back. Thank you and well done Year 5 – I’m very proud of you!

Year 5 homework

Because our trip to Jodrell Bank is this Friday, your homework is due next Monday (25th January).

As usual, please practise your spellings and times tables – this week’s spellings are the ones in the middle part of the list (precede, proceed etc.).

You also have a choice of maths or English homework:

  • English – I would like you to do a piece of writing based on Rocket Man. This could be a diary entry for one of the characters, a description of where Rocket Man and Monkey live, or anything else that you can think of.
  • Maths – following on from our work on tables and timetables in maths last week, I would like you to find a real life example of either a timetable or an information table and tell me at least 3 pieces of information from it.



Year 5’s amazing space homework!

I have been so impressed this week with all of Year 5’s incredible space homework, and would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at home who helped with the projects!

Also a quick reminder that due to our trip being next Friday, next week’s homework will be set on Monday for the following Monday. Feel free to practise any of your spellings and times tables, or to go on Mathletics in the mean time!

Here’s a few examples of the amazing work that Year 5 produced this week:

CIMG3532 CIMG3536 CIMG3538 CIMG3539 CIMG3540 CIMG3543 CIMG3544 CIMG3546 CIMG3547 CIMG3548

Year 5 – how do the Earth and moon move?

In class yesterday we started to think about the science element of our ‘What is really out there?’ space topic.

We used models of the sun, Earth and moon to explore how they move in relation to each other, and how this affects life for us on Earth.

I know that Year 5 are enjoying the topic so far, and we are looking forward to answering more of our questions about space.

Have a look at how we got on here!

Year 5 homework

Your topic homework for this week is related to our new topic, ‘What is really out there?’. I would simply like you to share your knowledge and understanding of space!

This can be presented in any way you like – as a model, a poster, a fact file, a quiz, a presentation etc. Please have it ready to share next Friday (15th January).

Also, you have been given your new spelling list for this half-term. Remember, only the underlined words which are in bold are new to you! Please practice the -ant/-ent/-ance/-ence words (in the left hand column) ready for a test next Friday.

Have a great weekend!