Year 5 Whistles- Chocolate project and Art Gallery

On Tuesday, all of Year 5’s hard work and preparation came together as it was chocolate sales day! We had an excellent day selling our chocolates to friends and family and we got some brilliant reviews. They all tasted delicious and we made lots of profit too!

It was also the time to show off our beautiful artwork that we had worked so hard on in our gallery. Everybody was extremely impressed and left some wonderful comments about our artwork. We are very proud of ourselves!

Take a look at some pictures below.


Transition day- Whistles

Year 5 Whistles will be moving up to Year 6 with Miss Hay which she is very much looking forward to!

So, for transition day, we decided to write our future Year 6 selves a letter. We looked at our height, our shoe size, our hairstyles and what our favourite things were to see how much we might change. We also wrote about what we were most proud of in Year 5 that we would like to remind ourselves of in Year 6.We then thought about what we are looking forward to next year, what we hope for year 6 and our dreams for the future.

Once we had finished, we put them in a time capsule and we buried them. In one years time, we will dig them up and we get to read our wonderful letters and see how much we have changed (or not). We can’t wait!

Year 5 Whistles- Chocolate Project

In Year 5, we made our first chocolate prototypes for some lucky Year 6 and members of staff to try.

We got some brilliant feedback on what will work well (and what won’t) and feel very confident in our designs.

We are now extremely excited to be making our final chocolates and can not wait to create our advertising campaign.

Take a look at some pictures below!

Year 5 Whistles- The Chocolate Project

We have started our new topic in Year 5- Will you be the next Willy Wonka?

The children are becoming inventors and will be designing, making, marketing and selling their very own chocolate product and we are very excited!

In English, we wrote a descriptive piece about entering Willy Wonka’s chocolate room and trying our favourite chocolate bar. In order to do this, we first had to eat some chocolate! We used all our senses to generate some wonderful descriptive sentences. The children thoroughly enjoyed writing and eating at the same time and I was very pleased with what they produced.

Well done Whistles!

Take a look at some pictures below. (You can see just how much they enjoyed it!)


Year 5 Bells- Arts Week!

So far we have had a fantastic arts week! On Monday we explored continous line drawings inspired by Henry Moore and began to draw fine details using fine liner.

On Tuesday we were visited by our artist (Mandy Beck-McKim) and we created wire creatures with wings. She showed us her style of artwork and we used that to inspire our own creating. Once we had moulder our form out of wire, we created decorations that we were going to attach later. These decorations were dipped into a coloured liquid called fantasy film and when dried, they turned into a transparent film.

Today we continue our work from yetsrerday and made another winged creature by manipulating wire and dipping into the fantasy film.

Take a look at our photos to see what we have been up to so far



Year 5 Whistles- Maya Myths

In Year 5, we have been creating myths that the Maya people told as stories thousands of years ago. We have thought about a natural event or object and come up with an exciting way to explain how this event might have happened using magic and Maya gods.

Some children have explained why Mars is red, why we have the sun and the moon or why there is an eye on Jupiter!

The children have worked really hard on ensuring their stories flow and follow the structure of a myth whilst also making them really exciting for the reader. The children love to read each others stories so we have created a class book of Maya myths to go into our class library.

Well done Whistles!

Year 5 Whistles- Plants

In Year 5, we have been looking at how plants reproduce. We planted some poppy seeds and then talked about how a flower might make these seeds.

We learnt all about the different ways that the pollen can travel from flower to flower and then how this pollen joins with an ovule to create a seed.

The children were challenged to create a piece of role play to show this process using all the vocabulary they had learnt.

They all did a fantastic job! Take a look at some pictures below.   

Lowry trip

Last week, Year 5 visited the Lowry art gallery to enhance our project. We are currently going for the Discover award for the Arts mark, so our task was to explore an artist and interview gallery staff. We had a fantastic day learning about L.S. Lowry and developing our drawing skills.