Year 4

Welcome to the ‘Year 4 Rockets’ blog page. On this page you can find out what we have been doing throughout the week.  We will put photos and information about the work we have been doing in class.  You can also keep up to date on class celebrations and our house point achievements.

Congratulations to our newly voted in councillors Aarav and Lola. We know you are going to do a great job for us.

We hope you enjoy Year 4 Rockets.

Arts Week Day 1 Year 4


What a great start to Arts Week in Year 4.  Fitting with the whole school quote above we have chosen to explore further the refugee art work we touched on during our Refugee topic.  It fits perfectly as we believe that everyone deserves the support of others to help them grow and everyone deserves the wings to fly and have freedom.

We started by exploring and finding messages in the art work created  by refugees, the children have such a good understanding of this area it was lovely to read their interpretations.

Then we had a go at imitating the art work by sketching and using our  watercolour skills from Spring term. Some lovely pieces to see below 🙂

This afternoon the children collaborated with a partner and started to design their own piece with a message…….

Year 4 – Measure

In Maths we have been exploring measure including weight, length and volume.

We started by having a go at measuring items and getting a good feel for what things weigh and what different lengths look like. We looked at all different units that can be used to measure.

Once we got a feel for the units and what things feel and look like we then did two mini projects – one on length then one on weight.  We chose items around school to estimate the length and weight of.  Using a variety of equipment we measured them and then finally we used our multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and 1000 skills to convert the measurements.

All pupils have made great progress in this area and have worked very hard.

When you are at home or out and about have a go at estimating and measuring things 🙂

Year 4 end of Spring Term (and Homework)

Dear Parents,

We have had a brilliant half term. We really enjoyed reading Demon Dentist by David Walliams. It was great inventing our own DEMON DENTIST. Everyone wrote a fabulous Dentist story.

We have loved learning all about POO. We started the half term exploring a great non-fiction book called DON’T FLUSH. This helped us to learn about Poo and the history of Poo. We found out interesting ways that poo has been used over the years.

It was so interesting to see the real life size of an Elephants digestive system compared to a humans. Yesterday, we went outside and drew different parts of an Elephants digestive system on the playground….we couldn’t believe how big they are!

Did you know we can fit a whole class of Year 4 children stood in single file inside an Elephant?

Overall this has been a great Topic for us to learn about the digestive system and teeth of humans and animals.

We cannot wait to learn all about the Ancient Greeks! Watch this space for some exciting stories and facts about the Greeks.

Hope you enjoyed our ‘We are family’ dance at church 🙂

Thank you for all you do.

P.S. Don’t forget our Easter Eggs on Sunday!


New spellings sheets will be given out after the holidays.

Keep reading and practising your times tables.

Extra handwriting practise would be great too.

Choose 1 or more…..

  1. Write an Easter Poem in the style of Michael Rosen.
  2.  Create a piece of work showing what you have learnt this half term.
  3. Why do people celebrate Easter?

Demon Dentists in Year 4!

Year 4 have been reading Demon Dentist by David Walliams this half term – which we have LOVED. It was so fitting with our topic as it got us all thinking about our teeth and how important they are!

Each child has created their very own DEMON DENTIST and we are all writing stories about a ‘regular trip to the dentist, with a simple case of toothache, that ends in DISASTER’.

Below you can see all our dentists.  Make sure you look out for our stories so far in our English books at parents evening this week.

Dentists make great…..Flossophers!

Year 4 became DENTISTS today!

First we explored our own teeth using mirrors and then we became dentists and explored our partners.

We had a go at counting our teeth and looking for the different types of teeth.

Did you know you only have 4 types of teeth and each has a very important job!

Tomorrow we are continuing by looking at animals teeth, in particular Elephants.