A busy first week back with Bells

We had a super start to the Summer term last week! I loved hearing them perform at the Summer Fair yesterday. I couldn’t believe how much musical talent we have in the class!

We spent a lot of last week looking at our WOW text, which is Philip Pullman’s version of Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp. We are currently turning the story into a playscript, and the children have loved acting out each scene to develop their dialogue. We are also busy making puppets in DT, so we can do a grand performance of our playscript using our puppets!

In Maths, the children were busy helping me plan my Honeymoon by interpreting and drawing different types of graphs about attractions in St Petersburg and Moscow. They even helped me to book my flights using data about Manchester Airport! This week, we are being cross curricular with English. We are using our knowledge of converting measurements, are and perimeter to help Aladdin and the Princess plan their Wedding!

The children also loved getting stuck into their new Science topic, which is Sound. We explored different sounds and how they are made. We also looked at why animals have different shaped/sized ears, and how this can help them to hear.

Just a couple of notes:
– Homework went out this morning, and the children need to learn column B for their spelling test on Friday.
– Costumes for the school production can be brought in to school anytime, but the final date is Friday 23rd June.
– This week in DT we are making costumes for our puppet. If you have any old cotton tshirts or shirts you would be happy to donate to the project, they would be greatly appreciated! It doesn’t matter what colour or pattern they are.

Thanks for your ongoing support!

Friday at Robinwood

Another action packed day. The children completed more activitives, this time on the water. Every child got wet, and every child had a great time. It was then lunch and a final debrief with our fantastic instrustors. We said our thank yous and made our way down the hill back to the coach.

I loved every minute at Robinwood. A big thank you to the children, the instructors and last but not least Miss Lynch and Mrs Canning, who fearlessly took part in every activity!


Mr Marks




Cooking around the World in Year 4!

We had such a fantastic day last Thursday, where the whole of Year 4 got together to prepare a variety of savoury dishes as part of our Topic, Around the World in 90 Days. The children learned how to prepare different vegetables, and demonstrated that they could work safely and hygienically in a kitchen environment. Many tried new foods, and discovered favourite foods that they thought they didn’t like!

Here are some pictures from the day:






Here are the links to the recipes we used in class in case the children want to show off their new culinary skills:

Vegetable Samosas        Moussaka         Vegetable Sushi     Chorizo Stew (we didn’t use any Chickpeas)

We have also been busy in English developing our characters and settings based on the Hobbit. We are going to begin writing our own Fantasy Story this week. We are really looking forward to raising money for Red Nose Day on Friday, so please remember to wear red and bring in a donation!


World Book Day and other things with the Bells

After a lovely half term holiday, the Bells have come back to school this week with a bang!

In English, we are exploring a fantastic new text – The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien. We have been getting to know the main character, Bilbo Baggins, by developing character profiles. The children have been identifying clues in the text that describe how he looks and behaves. We have concluded that his character changes during the course of the book, because he goes from being an anxious Hobbit that is stuck in his ways to a fierce, loyal companion to his peers. We can’t wait to find out what happens that causes his character to change!

We have spent Topic preparing for an exciting cooking session next week. We will be preparing savoury dishes from all around the World using a variety of techniques. We looked at the national dishes of different countries and examined where the ingredients came from. We were also looking around the World in Science, where we discovered where contrasting habitats are located around the World. We discussed their characteristics and the animals that live in each one.

But our highlight of the week has been World Book Day! We had such a lovely day sharing books, and applying many of the skills we have been developing in English and Guided Reading to various activities. We became detectives and analysed different books so we could decide which book belonged to who. Additionally, we applied our skill of writing Holiday Brochures to persuade people to visit our favourite fictional settings. We spent the afternoon looking at character profiles and helping our favourite fictional characters find love. The children had to use clues in the text to find compatible fictional pairs. Some of our favourites were: Hermione Granger (Harry Potter series) and Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit); as well as Nonky (There May be a Castle) and the Mad Hatter (Alice’s adventures in Wonderland).

Children need to learn column B from their spelling sheet.

  1. Maths: How many decimals can you find in your house? Can you write its equivalent fraction?
  1. English: Can you predict what type of adventure Bilbo Baggins will go on in the Hobbit? You could write a short story or draw a storyboard.
  1. Topic: Can you find out where some of the ingredients in your house are grown?



KS2’s Busy Week!

Well, what a fantastic final week we’re having in Key Stage 2!

Yesterday we had a very special visitor from Google who gave us an incredible VR experience and took us to see ancient pyramids, outer space and even back to visit some dinosaurs! We all had a great time and are really looking forward to applying it in our new topics after half term.

We’ve also had a super time at our cinema trip this morning and our KS2 Christmas party this afternoon! All of the teachers were very impressed with those dance moves and thank you so much to parents for all of the generous donations of food- very much appreciated!

Take a look at pictures from our fantastic week here…



At long last, the wait is finally over!
Our Year 4 Bells reporters have been working tirelessly to bring you those latest exclusive updates from Wurder and the disappearance of Rose Blanche!

For live interviews, unseen footage and the most recent news on this story, click here now



(Well done Bells- what a super job you have all done! I’m extremely proud of you all 🙂 Miss Weatherley x)




Our team of finest reporters, Year 4 Bells, have got the latest news on that mysterious disappearance of Rose Blanche earlier in the week. They have been back and forth between our live studio and Wurder town to bring to you exclusive interviews with Rose’s closest friends and family and the Mayor’s latest comments on all of the action!

Keep tuned into the blog over the next couple of days when these exclusive reports will be released from the editing studio and you can access all the latest news and updates…

Y4 Bells Last Week of Half Term!

Wow, what a busy final week of half term we’ve had in Bells!

We’ve stormed through our work on subtraction and have been busy reporting the mysterious disappearance of Rose Blanche in Wurder too! The children have written some fantastic newspaper reports and I can’t wait for parents to see these soon at parents evening!

We were also really lucky to go and visit the Jewish Museum on Wednesday afternoon and learned loads about the Jewish faith. A special thank you to our lovely parent helpers who came with us on our trip. Take a look at our pictures from the day here…

And finally, I’d like to say a huge thank you to the children for working so hard on their Harvest performance- I was so proud of each and every one of you in church this morning (and I’m sure parents and family were too!) What a super way to end our first half term in Year 4 🙂

Wishing all of you a super break- have a brilliant week, Bells!

Miss Weatherley x

World War 2 Survivors!

We had a blast from the past this week in Year 4 with two real life survivors from World War 2!

We learned so much from our special visitors and even got to interview them with our own questions. I bet you didn’t know that school dinners in World War 2 were cabbage and black potatoes (ours are so much better at Ellenbrook!) or that you could only have a quarter of toffee a week!

A huge thank you to our visitors for coming in- it’s made our topic even more special and we can’t wait to carry on learning about World War 2.

Have a look at some pictures from our afternoon…