Year 3 Sharks dig deep at Bring Yer Wellies

Year 3 have been archaeologists today at Bring Yer Wellies to inspire our Stone Age Topic learning. They learnt the art of digging for artefacts and reconstructed parts to reveal a Stone Age object. They finished the day with some team building. It was a wonderful day!

Russell sets up camp in Year 1 Swallows

Year 1 Swallows arrived today to a camp site set up in their classroom! After a lengthy discussion and speculation about who might have done it, it came to light it was Russell from the film Up. He is hoping to become a a Senior Wilderness Explorer but the strong Manchester winds had blown some of his pages from his notebook away. So, it was up to the children to use orienteering skills to locate the missing pages. They all gained their orienteering badge which they put on their sashes they made too.

This afternoon the children have started researching one of the names in Russell’s notebook, Sir Ernest Shackleton. They have learnt so far that he was a polar explorer, wanting to be the first to cross Antarctica from one end to the other. He travelled on a ship called Endurance that became ice packed but we don’t know yet whether he was successful…

What’s so special about Brazil?

To introduce our new topic ‘What’s so special about Brazil?’ we have explored the Amazon rainforest and began to understand what it was made of. Each child created their own model rainforest.

However, their beautiful rainforests were then torn down and cattle farms were replaced. This then sparked a discussion within the classroom about deforestation and the causes of it.

Take a look at the pictures to see what we were up to.


News reporters in Swallows

Well would you believe it, on arriving at school on Monday morning the children discovered their classroom had been trashed! Whatever had upturned the tables and chairs, ripped our displays and scrunched up paper had left footprints and a large green egg. The children reported the incident on their own news Chanel throughout the day and have been asking lots of questions about what has happened.

Year 6 trip to Bury Fusilier Museum

Year 6 had a great day today at Bury Fusilier Museum to kick off their next topic: Could you be a World War 1 soldier?

While there, Year 6 had a chance to look around the museum at all the artefacts, as well as to take part in some role play and learn all about what life might have been like for a soldier during World War 1.

It was a great start to a great topic, and we can’t wait to learn more after the half term holidays!

Have a look at the pictures here.

Year 2 Sharks visit Manchester Airport

As our wow for our topic ‘Why do we love flying?’ Year 2 had a fabulous day out to Manchester Airport. Despite the freezing cold weather, we learnt lots about aeroplanes. We hope you enjoy some of our pictures of our adventure.


Year 2 Jets visit to Manchester Airport.

What a great day we have had! Although it was freezing cold we couldn’t have asked for a clearer blue sky or a busier runway! We especially loved being inside the DC-10 flight deck and we have got some budding flight engineers and captains. When we got back to school we added more questions to our mind map of what we want to explore this half term. Have a look at our day……

Year 6 Worsley Walk

Year 6 kicked off their new topic today (How was Manchester affected by the Industrial Revolution?) by going on a walk to Worsley and back. While there, they learned about the important role Worsley played within the Industrial Revolution and looked at the landscape and reflected on what it would have been like during the Industrial Revolution.

In the afternoon, Year 6 used their new knowledge to plan questions they would like to answer during the topic next half term.

Have a look at the pictures here.