Reception Voyagers – Forest Schools!

WOW!! What an AMAZING day!! We have had so much fun… We used a saw to cut our own wooden medallion, made magic wands, toasted bread on the fire and completed a magical fairy treasure hunt! We also used lots of petals and leaves to print our own ‘Nature Ninja’ bandana! In the afternoon we explored the woodland and had a brilliant time building dens, swinging in the hammock and climbing the rope ladder! To finish the day we toasted marshmallows and sang songs around the fire.  Thank you so much to our brilliant parent helpers – Sare’s mummy, Zaki’s mummy and Harry’s mummy.

Click here for lots of photos of the day!

A very EGGciting week in Reception!

In Reception we have been learning the story of the Little Red Hen. We have been using lots of story language, actions and voices – ask us to tell you the story at home! To link with this story we have been weighing flour, kneading bread in the bakery, making masks and acting out the story on the stage outside and making moving windmills. We have also tasted and compared lots of different breads from around the world – bagels, brioche, naan bread, ciabattas and tortillas.

We have also loved watching our eggs hatch and meeting our baby chicks!! It has been a brilliant first week back.

Here are some photos from the week



New arrivals in Nursery!

MONDAY: We have had a very exciting first day back in Nursery! We were lucky to have some visitors and new arrivals.

Debs brought Cindy and Wilbur, two hens from the farm, to teach EYFS all about eggs and what comes out of them. We had to guess which animals came from eggs and which didn’t, and learnt about how chicks hatch from their eggs when they are ready.

We then got the opportunity to meet Cindy and Wilbur and feed them. We were brave to hold out our hands with food for them to eat! We thought they were very funny pecking and clucking around us.

Finally, we were left some of their eggs in a special incubator which we learnt keeps them warm. We are going to keep a close eye on them and keep them safe until they hatch. We are looking forward to seeing what comes out of them!

Take a look!

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: We are so excited to announce that egg number 3 has hatched! The children were so lucky this afternoon to observe the chick break free from its egg and have decided to call it ‘Buddy’ as it’s our first chick friend.

FRIDAY UPDATE: Nursery have had such a wonderful week observing the eggs and watching more and more little chicks appear. We are happy to say we have 5 in total (Buddy, Bella, Donut, Lovely and …) and they are extremely cute! Today we got the opportunity to handle them and feel their fluffy feathers. I was very impressed as the children were very kind and gentle.

Look at us handling the chicks!

Reception Space investigations!

The children have had so many questions they wanted to investigate about space. This week they have worked in their floor book groups to research and find out the answers to their own questions. Have a look at our floorbook work below…




We have also been working really hard in our PE lessons with Miss Jancy. Today we learnt sign language and performed the song ‘A Thousand Years’ (inspired by the mums and children who went viral on YouTube raising awareness for Down’s Syndrome.) Have a look at the video of our performance here – Reception A Thousand Years




Bring Yer Wellies Trip!

We’re going on a bear hunt…We’re going to catch a big one…and what a beautiful day it was! Nursery had a wonderful time on their bear hunt trip to Bring Yer Wellies!

First we met Ricky and Barney, Melissa and Nigel’s horses, before heading inside to play on their ‘beach’ in the greenhouse.

Then we learnt all about the senses of an animal and how they are much stronger than our own! We split into group to complete sensory challenges; we listened to each other’s heartbeats using super hearing, read tiny words using our super eyesight through magnifying glasses and sniffed wellies to guess the objects using our super sense of smell!

After this is was time for a bear hunt! We split into teams to use a map to navigate around the sight and collect objects. At first, we were a little disappointed as there was no bear to be seen! That was until we spotted a furry figure by the pond, sat on a toadstool playing a guitar!

After lunchtime, the children got the chance to work as a team to build dens in the woods and then race each other to jingle the bell as quick as they could! Lastly in our teams, we made cork boats to race along the brook. Speedy, Boris the Bear Boat, Super Pirate Ship and Bear Hunt Boat were the contenders!

As we headed home it was a delight to hear a very tired voice say, “Miss O’Brien I enjoyed the bear hunt. He wasn’t scary, he was a kind bear”

A huge thank you to Bring Yer Wellies for hosting a fantastic day and to all the kind mummies who came along to help!

Take a look at all our fun!

Reception investigate space!

This week we have started our investigations about space!

After reading the book ‘Whatever Next!’ by Jill Murphy we transformed our role play area into a space rocket so we could blast off to the moon, like baby bear in the story!

We have also;

  • Explored moon rocks, weighing and comparing them
  • Splatter painted the night sky.
  • Rolled telescopes to gaze at the stars
  • Built space rockets with the junk modelling resources
  • Turned ourselves in to Voyager and Discoverer Astronauts ready to explore space
  • Thought about what we would take to space and written lists of the things we would need.
  • Investigated the solar system learning the names of the different planets and what they look like before representing them using chalks and paints.
  • Created the different planets from our solar system using paper mache.


We think space is fascinating! We have all been asking lots of questions and in our groups we have chosen floor book questions which we will investigate next week!

The return of the Naughty Bus in Reception!

This week the Naughty bus came back from London and caused even more mischief! We had a visit from PC Ken – he had been receiving lots of phone calls at the station and people were reporting loud beeping and zooming noises in the middle of the night. We told him all about our Naughty Bus! He asked us to write down our clues so he could take them back to the station. We even asked him to stay in our book corner one night to try and catch the Naughty bus… but he fell asleep!

During the week the Naughty Bus visited a farm, met lots of animals but then made our classroom all muddy on his return!  Today we received an email from him – he was lost! We looked at his map and worked out that he was lost in our mud kitchen! We are so pleased to have him back safe and sound.

Here are a few photographs from the week…

Reception have fun in the snow!

It doesn’t snow often but when it does we make the most of it! Look at all the learning opportunities! We worked as a team to build a snowman, made marks in the snow with the sticks, compared the different sizes of our foot prints and observed the snow as it started to melt.

What a FANTASTIC snowy morning!!



Dinosaur land in Reception!

This week in Reception we worked as a team to build our very own dinosaur land! We used story books, information books and a clip from The Good Dinosaur to explore the different features of the world the dinosaurs lived in. We identified different features and landscapes, thinking of words to describe them.

The children were then set the challenge of building their own dinosaur land in their classroom. They explored different junk modelling materials, tools and techniques to build up their world – problem solving and discussing their ideas together.

Their brilliant team work produced some amazing dinosaur lands. The children have had lots of fun playing in the dinosaur lands this week, creating their own dinosaur stories.

Take a look at our dinosaur lands with the links below….

Voyagers Dinosaur Land

Discoverers Dinosaur Land