Swallows Art Week – Monday

Today was the first day of Arts Week…hooray!

First we talked about the words in the quote ‘Together we achieve the roots to grow and the wings to fly!’ which is our quote of the week. Then we looked at Cassie Leatham’s art work called ‘Over time we come together’, discussing the patterns and shapes we could see as well as how the art showed ‘together-ness’. We drew around our own hands to begin our own art work in he style of Cassie’s. On some we collaged different tones of paper to show that even though we are all different, we can come together as a family and work as a team.

In the afternoon we looked at aboriginal symbols as this is the art Cassie uses, and we even created our own symbols. Finally we added some symbols to our hands from the morning to create patterns.

African Day in Year 2 Jets

What a wonderful day we have had! Today we met Karim and he brought 30 African drums. Our first workshop was African drumming and then he taught us African dancing. Back in class we looked at some images of African sunsets and animal silhouettes before making our own.

It has been a great day and we now have many questions we want to explore and answer.

Friendship bracelets – Year One Jets

Year One Jets were busy this afternoon making friendship bracelets with charms. Each charm stood for something a good friend does or a quality we look for when making friends. From love to care, kindness to sharing, making up to smiling and laughing – Jets have shown they know what makes a true friend. They even explained each of their charms to a friend. Have a look at some of us in action here…

Key Stage 2 School Games Day

What a great afternoon in the sunshine KS2 had for their School Games Day! The field may be water logged but that didn’t stop our fun. The children represented their house teams in a range of different sporting activities, winning points in order for their team to be crowned the champions. The afternoon was finished off perfectly with a final bonus round of ‘over and under’ in which some of the children found themselves a little wet when they didn’t handle their water bombs carefully enough! (I think the teachers had the most fun at this part though!) All the children showed fantastic sportsmanship this afternoon and the teachers thoroughly enjoyed listening to their positive words of encouragement for their team mates.

The overall winning team was Peel and their House Flag is now flying proudly in the school hall. A big well done to all the children for their exceptional behaviour and teamwork, you were a credit to Ellenbrook.

Take a look at the photographs from the day here. 



Year 3 Bells Farm to Fork Trail at TESCO

What a wonderful morning Bells had on their “Farm to Fork Trail!”  Since learning about ‘what an athlete needs to eat in order to stay healthy’, we enhanced our knowledge in a trail at our local Tesco store.

Hands-on, we discovered that our food is sourced from all over the world: golden papayas from Brazil, limes from South Africa, Oranges from Spain and lettuce more locally grown in the UK. Elaine even let us try some pineapple and told us about the benefits of eating dried fruit within a balanced diet.

Next was the cheese-trying session; Elaine gave us two cheeses to try: ‘5 counties’  and ‘strong cheddar’…mmm delicious! We had to rate them and explain why we preferred one over the other before learning how foods (like cheese) are kept cool in store. We got to go inside one of the large fridges, behind the scenes. Brrrr…it was rather chilly though!

Finally, we developed our understanding of healthier drink options for Olympic athletes (or even us!) by learning about the hidden sugars in fruit juices, canned drinks and milk. Bells designed their own healthy version of flavoured water before making and testing it by crushing a variety of different fruits in a cup of water to release all of the flavours.

Year Three Bells were great representatives of Ellenbrook School with their impeccable behaviour and respect for public shoppers whilst on our trip. I was very proud of you all and you really impressed me with how much you knew about eating a well balanced diet.

Take a look at the fun we had on our trip here. 

British Values Day in Year 3

Miss Watson and Miss Jolley were very proud of all the children in Year 3 for the maturity they displayed on our British Values Day.

At the start of the day, children were asked to draw images that they thought reflected Britain and it’s values. They were told that we would revisit these images at the end of the day.

We began by thinking about our own values and what is important to us in our lives. We then moved onto thinking about ‘What makes someone British?’ The children had a list of statements and they had to discuss how strongly they agreed with them.

In the afternoon, we thought about democracy and why it is so important in Britain. The children voted for every child in the class to receive a special award at the end of the year. We made sure we were fair by ensuring everyone received an award. The children also had to make sure our awards reflected the many creative talents we have in our classes!

Finally, we discussed all the words that we thought reflected Britain and it’s values. After a full day of exploring these concepts the children generated words such as: respect, diversity, united and tolerance. We placed these words inside a map of Great Britain and we are going to make a fantastic display.

When we revisited the images we drew at the start of the day, we realised that Britain is about much more than stereotypical images. Instead we are a diverse nation made up of individual people from many different cultures and religions.

Have a look at the pictures from the day here.