EYFS Schools Games Day

What a lovely afternoon we had, taking part in our EYFS games day!

The children participated enthusiastically in a range of activities, including an egg and spoon race, a space hopper race, seaside race, bike race, water race, obstacle course and beat the goalie.

The children had so much fun and did a fantastic job. There was a great atmosphere and we must thank you all for coming to support the children!

Take a look at them in action…


Reception Jets – Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum!

On Wednesday, the children arrived to school to find some magic beans in our classroom! They were extremely enthusiastic and very quick to guess it was something to do with Jack from ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ – this lead to learning this traditional tale using our Pie Corbett ‘Talk for writing’ approach. The children decided they wanted to plant the beans so this is what we did. We are looking forward to seeing if ours grow just as tall as the one in the story! At the end of the day, we acted out the part where Jack’s Mum threw the magic beans out of the window… surely nothing would happen, would it?

On Thursday and to our amazement, a magic beanstalk had grown over night all the way up to our reading corner! The chairs were tipped over, books were on the floor and the bricks had been knocked off the shelf. This could have only been one person… the giant! Along with all the excitement, we have turned our role-play area into a castle, made wanted posters, number line beanstalks, painted the story characters and pretended to be policeman reporting the giant’s behaviour! Luckily, we found out he was a friendly giant who was just curious to see a day in the life of Reception Jets. Phew!

Take a look…

We hope you enjoy the EYFS games day this afternoon and have a lovely weekend!

Image result for beanstalk divider clipart   Miss O’B 🙂

Reception Sharks & Jets – British Values Day

Jubilee Bunting Clip Art

Today we have celebrated British Values Day. We have had some fantastic discussions around the five values; democracy, rule of law, mutual respect, individual liberty and tolerance. We located Britain on a map and identified the different countries within it. We then looked at images associated with Britain, including its wonderful diverse culture.

In our classes we have made friendship bracelets, recognising how important it is to be kind to others. We also had a go at recognising the Union Jack and collaged our own! In the construction some children even had a go at building Buckingham Palace. In our floor book groups we were very democratic – designing our own class mate! We all had lots of ideas but voted to choose their different features, to make sure it was fair. We then shared these at the end of the day to celebrate similarities and differences.

Such a fantastic day! Have a look at the celebrations here.

EYFS at the Seaside!

Despite having typically British weather for our seaside day the Nursery and Reception had a brilliant beach day!

They enjoyed splashing in paddling pools, digging and building in the sand, donkey rides and bouncing on a bouncy castle!

This all made them hungry so it was time for traditional fish and chips!

Have a look at our donkey riders here! 

In the afternoon there was time for ice cream and a Punch and Judy Magic show!

Have a look at us enjoying the show here! 

What an exhausting but fun filled day at the beach! It just goes to show that whatever the weather there is fun to be had!

Reception Jets – Growing Up!

This week in Reception Jets our learning challenge has been ‘How have we changed since we were a baby?’ We have had lots of giggles looking at our old baby photographs, discussing what we couldn’t do then and what we have learned since.

Look at how we have grown and our gorgeous self-portraits!

Growing up! on PhotoPeach

Have a lovely weekend and hope to see you at the summer fair on Sunday 🙂 Image result for sunshine clipart

Reception Jets – Ready, steady, go!

This morning Reception Jets completed their sponsored run – how many laps we could complete in 15 minutes! They were very excited and raring to go. They all did a fantastic job and I’m extremely proud of their effort.

Take a look at us in action! 

Charlie and Daniel did an amazing job and lead the team to complete 11 laps of the field! Great job boys!


Reception Jets – Arts Week!

Day One
Reception Jets have had a great start to Arts Week meeting Supertato! – One powerful potato who uses his super strength and super speed to defeat the Evil Pea!

Today the children listened to the story for the first time and were immediately engaged by his comical character.  We looked closely at the use of colour and discussed the human features which the illustrator has used to animate the vegetables in distress! Alongside superhero belt making, mixing colours with the evil peas and turning themselves into superheroes, they began their creative journey by exploring oil pastels and the different techniques which can be used. In the afternoon they applied this learning to creating their own observation drawings of superhero vegetables.

We are really looking forward to meeting our artist tomorrow and begin collaging and drawing on a larger scale…

Day Two
After completing our sponsored run, we were ready get messy for day two of Arts Week!

Today we met our wonderful artist Isobel. We worked with her in groups and she showed us the skill of collaging using different materials. We began to piece together the background of our very own Supertato comic strip, which we will showcase to you at the end of the week!

The children also did a fantastic job of using different media to create their own superhero vegetables! We had super carrots, courgettes, leeks, sweet potatoes and peppers. They really enjoyed this activity and the finished products put a huge smile on mine and Mrs Berryman’s faces 🙂

Enjoy today’s pictures…

Reception Jets Superhero Vegetables! on PhotoPeach

Working with our artist! on PhotoPeach

Day Three

Today we were lucky enough to have Isobel the artist with us again. This morning she showed us how to draw Supertato paying extra attention to detail…the children have never been so quiet! They then applied this learning to using fine markers and watercolours to add characters to our comic strip. It is coming together nicely and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product 🙂

Reception Jets Drawing Superveg! on PhotoPeach

Alongside this we got messy with paint and explored printing and pattern with different kinds of vegetables. Take a look!

Printing and Pattern on PhotoPeach

Reception Jets – Spring!

The sun had his hat on this week which was perfect for Reception to go on an adventure to spot the signs of spring around school! The children spotted lots of blooming flowers, insects buzzing around their heads and birds tweeting in the trees. One group even found a bulb that had been dug up which provoked lots of thoughtful discussion. Mrs Berryman and I were amazed how much they knew! Have a look at our spring walk photos…   


Reception Jets – Trip-trap, Trip-trap…

This week Reception have continued to learn and retell ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ using lots of story language and actions. Here’s a snippet of what the children have learnt below! (Sorry there is no sound…see if you can work out which part of the story they are telling by their actions 🙂 )

Also on Tuesday, the children were very excited because the three Billy Goats Gruff had sent us a letter and some grass seed! They told us that all the sunshine we had last week had turned their grass yellow and dry. The Billy Goats challenged the children to grow them some fresh green grass and they worked as a team to choose the best place for it grow. We will be watching closely over the next couple of weeks to see what happens! Here is how they did it… 

EYFS Family Festival!

Today the Nursery and Reception classes wowed their families with a super performance! Each class had prepared a piece to share with their families to show them how much they loved them! They did a super job!

Reception Jets performed a poem;


Nursery sang a song;012


Reception Sharks sang a song;







Thank you to all of the families who came along to super the children. There are more pictures of our little stars here!