Reception Amazons – Fun at Forest Schools!

What an absolutely wonderful day at Damhouse on our forest schools trip! 🙂

We had so much fun taking part in lots of activities down in the woods…
– Chopping kindling for the fire
– Drilling wooden pendants to make necklaces
– Making Nature Ninja bandanas
– Baking and eating bread
– Building dens
…and the one they waited for all day – toasting marshmallows around the campfire!

The children were excited all day long and loved every moment. Thank you to all the parents who helped today and to those who volunteered. We really appreciate your support.

Take a look at us in action! 

EYFS School Games Day!

What a wonderful afternoon! The children had a fantastic time in the sunshine taking part in our annual EYFS games day.

They took turns to…
– Race with the bikes
– Climb the obstacle frame
– Fill the water bucket
– Hook the ducks
– Balance the egg and spoon
– Collect the fish at the seaside
– Balance a beanbag
– Bounce on the space hoppers
…and beat the goalie!

We were very proud of the children who put in 100% and showed super sportsmanship!

Thank you to all the adults who came to cheer us on, especially those who took part themselves 🙂

Take a look at us in action today…

Reception Amazons – Arrival of our Class Caterpillars!

On Monday something exciting happened…Christopher’s caterpillars arrived in Image result for christophers caterpillarsthe post for us to look after! We discussed how to keep them safe in the classroom and the children quickly thought of what to call them…Kevin, Camilla  and Cutie to name a few! We have enjoyed watching them grow this week and are looking forward to seeing what has happened over the weekend on Monday 🙂

Alongside this we have been exploring ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. We have had lots of fun tasting fruit from the story and using our senses to describe them using adjectives! We talked about healthy and unhealthy choices, and the effects they have on our bodies.  The children have enjoyed many other themed activities including making fingerprint, paper chain and play dough caterpillars to measure.

Take a look at us in action!

Reception Amazons – Growing Up

We have has such a lovely first week back in Reception Amazons exploring our learning challenge ‘Can you explain how you have changed since you were a baby?’ We have had lots of ‘Aw’s’ and giggles looking at our old baby photographs, discussing what we couldn’t do then and what we have learned since. Thank you for bringing them in 🙂

As part of math’s work this week we have been learning how to double – adding the same number to itself. The children have thoroughly enjoyed making play dough ladybirds and doubling the number of spots on its wings. They have shown lots of enthusiasm with this area of number and there has been lots going on independently in the classroom.

Take a look at how we have grown!
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Reception Amazons – Arts Week!

Day One
Reception Amazons have had a wonderful start to Arts Week. This year we areusing the traditional tale ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ as our inspiration and exploring the work of ‘Andy Goldsworthy’ – A British artist who creates work using natural materials.Image result for jack and the beanstalk ladybirds

We began our creative journey today by listening carefully to the story and looking closely at the different characters. We talked about paying close attention to detail, identified their features and worked on how to show these by just using pencil!

Alongside story character drawings, the children have also looked closely at the detail in leaves which had fallen from the beanstalk! They used wax crayons to creates rubbings which showed up their veins (“It’s like magic” they said 🙂 ) and used these to have a go at using pencil to draw their own.

We are really looking forward to meeting our artist tomorrow and beginning our textile story scene…

Have a look at us in action today.

Day Two

We were very excited to meet our wonderful artist, Julie, today!

We worked with her in groups on our textile story scene and began by using pencil and black markers to create the outline of our beanstalk. Julie showed us how to use wax crayons to edge our drawings and special inktense water colour pencils to fill them in. In the afternoon we applied water and it was amazing to watch the colours blend and brighten beautifully. All the children have worked brilliantly with our artist today and we can’t wait to show you the finish product at the end of the week!

We also had a fantastic time leaf hunting in our outdoor area. We searched particularly for those with defined detailed veins using our learning from yesterday J  We used those collected to create black and white leaf prints using printing ink onto cotton fabric. The results were amazing and we are looking forward to adding them to our story scene in contrast to the vibrant coloured beanstalk!

Enjoy today’s pictures…

Day Two – Working with the artist! on PhotoPeach

Day Three
Today we have been inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy! There were lots of ooh’s and wow’s coming from the carpet this morning as we shared some of his creations. The children loved that he used natural materials and were very eager to get outside themselves! They have used twigs, leaves, logs, feathers, stones etc. to create their own pieces relating to our focus story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.

Inside, we were having just as much fun! We made salt dough circles and used different types of beans to create our own hanging, transient art. We used their size and colour to create patterns and put them in the oven to bake.

We’ve had a fantastic day and the children just didn’t want to stop! 🙂

Day Four
We began day three in Amazons by reading the alternative version of our focus story ‘Jack and the Jelly Beanstalk’. The children loved this idea and enjoyed thinking of different flavoured jelly beans including pineapple, mint, slime and sour to name a few. The best part was that we learnt how to use jelly beans to make paints! We sorted the different colours into pots and added hot water to make water colours. We had lots of fun using these to give our pencil story characters from Monday a splash of brightness. Alongside this, the children have been using a needle and thread to sew beanstalk leaves. Going in and out the holes was very tricky but we kept on trying.

There has been so much interest in the activities again today and Mrs Whitley and I are very proud of how hard all our little artists have been working.

Take a look at a few photos from today!

Reception Amazons – Easter celebrations!

This week in Reception we have been learning about Easter and why it is celebrated. We have read the Easter story, discussed what this festival means to Christians and talked about the different symbols we may come across at this time of year e.g. egg, cross.

We have taken part in lots of Easter-themed activities – reading instructions to make chocolate Easter nests, using tweezers to count mini eggs, writing Easter cards, creating patterns and making observational drawings of our class daffodils! Take a look at what we have been up to here….

Also I wanted to say a huge well done to all of Amazons for their performance in the POP UK concert this week. Mrs Whitley and I were extremely proud of you!

Have a lovely break 🙂

Reception Amazons – 3..2..1..Blast Off!

Reception Amazons have started this week with a blast into space and our focus story ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy. We have sequenced and acted out the story, junk modelled rockets for Baby Bear, made splatter star paintings and wrote lists of the things we would take to the moon!

We have spent lots of time exploring our floor book questions and learning some very tricky concepts including reflection of sunlight and gravity! Wow 🙂 We will continue to do so next week.
– Why do spacemen float in space?
– Why do aliens go to our planet?
– How does the moon light up?
– What is the moon and sun made out of?

– Is it hot or cold in space?

Our role-play area has also transformed into a space-station and the children have thoroughly enjoyed glowing in the dark with their light up objects – a huge thank you for your contributions!

Reception Amazons – Blast off! on PhotoPeach

Finally take a look at us working on our ‘mini motor’ skills with Miss Jancy this morning…

Have a lovely weekend! x

Reception Amazons – Return of the Naughty Bus!

The Naughty Bus has continued to cause mischief this week in and out of the classroom! He has sent us messages every day from his travels and slipped through the hands of PC Ken who tried to catch him through the night. The children, however, forgave him for his behaviour on his return after he sent us flowers to say sorry and celebrate the start of spring 🙂

Today we followed a map to find him! We are so glad to have him back safe, sound and out of trouble…

We have also spent a lot of time exploring 3D shapes as part of our maths work, learning their tricky names and using special language, such as ‘faces’ and ‘edges’, to describe them.

Take a look at some of the action this week…

Reception Amazons – The Naughty Bus!

On Monday something exciting happened! The children found a wrapped gift among the Lego bricks. When we opened it we found a bus…not an ordinary bus but a very Naughty Bus!

Every night from then on the Naughty Bus has been getting up to mischief! He has made green tracks on our floor, squirted toothpaste in our sinks and knocked down our toy town 🙁 We haven’t been happy with his behaviour so as part of our literacy work we have written class rules for him to follow, reply letters to tell him how we feel and made lost posters to help find him!

This morning he was still nowhere to be seen. We received an email to say he was returning to London this weekend to cause trouble in his home city! O, oh! We can’t wait to hear from him next week.

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On Thursday Amazons had a very enjoyable day celebrating World Book Day! We talked about why reading is important and discussed our favourite story books from home. We ended the day with Miss Lynch and Year 4 in their classroom sharing stories and reading to each other. It was lovely to watch!

Image result for world book day clipart
Have a great weekend 🙂

Reception Amazons – The Mysterious Egg!

Reception Amazons have had a roar this week…

On Monday we found big and rather unusual footprints in the classroom which led us to a mysterious egg! We worked as a team to construct it a cosy home, wrote signs to keep it safe and predicted what we will find inside itJ. We are convinced it is a dinosaur egg!

The children have taken part in lots of activities including making dinosaur fossils, measuring dinosaurs by height, writing dinosaur non-fiction books and working as palaeontologists to dig for dinosaur bones in the sand.

On Thursday we received an email and couldn’t believe what we saw! Nastysaurus from our focus story ‘Tinysaurus’ (By Sheryl Webster and Jan Fearnley) had been in our classroom and stolen our egg! Luckily, we found it safe and sound and Nastysaurus was apologetic for his behaviour.

Today we noticed that the egg has begun to crack! I wonder what will be in store next week.

Have a look at all our dino fun!

Reception Amazons – The Mysterious Egg! on PhotoPeach