Year 3 have been busy busy busy…

This week Year 3 have been hands-on investigators in science! We have tested different types of rocks to explore their physical properties (hardness, permeability, magnetism and formation).
In Geography we have deepening our knowledge of continents and locating European countries.
We have been using the film Ice Age to inspire our writing this week, developing character studies. We have used the most appropriate adjectives and explored a range of conjunctions to develop sentences.   Next week we are looking forward to developing our own characters.
In Maths we have been exploring a range of methods to subtract a one digit from a three digit number. We are becoming much more confident using these methods and explaining our understanding. ​

Year 3 Sharks dig deep at Bring Yer Wellies

Year 3 have been archaeologists today at Bring Yer Wellies to inspire our Stone Age Topic learning. They learnt the art of digging for artefacts and reconstructed parts to reveal a Stone Age object. They finished the day with some team building. It was a wonderful day!

Year 3 Sharks.

What a great start to the school year Sharks have had! We dove straight into our Stone Age learning, researching facts about how the lived all those years ago. We have been writing diary extracts on life in the Stone Age inspired by the text Stone Age Boy.

Our science learning this week was all about SOIL. Ask your child if they can recall what soil contains and the different layers. We even had a look at what type of soil there is in Ellenbrook.

Today we had those wanting to be our school council representatives give their speeches and what wonderful jobs they did!

The results will be announced in class tomorrow…

Year 3 Sharks transition day

It has been lovely to get to know the children a bit more today!

We stared the day with how we can persuade people to read and enjoy reading by creating quotes to display in our new reading area. After this, the children wrote a message in a bottle because they were stranded on a desert island. The children also completed a maths activity involving partitioning numbers and this afternoon ordered periods of history on a timeline. We’ve realised that compared to all the previous years there have ever been, the children haven’t been around for very long at all!

Im looking forward to teaching Sharks fully in September!

Russell sets up camp in Year 1 Swallows

Year 1 Swallows arrived today to a camp site set up in their classroom! After a lengthy discussion and speculation about who might have done it, it came to light it was Russell from the film Up. He is hoping to become a a Senior Wilderness Explorer but the strong Manchester winds had blown some of his pages from his notebook away. So, it was up to the children to use orienteering skills to locate the missing pages. They all gained their orienteering badge which they put on their sashes they made too.

This afternoon the children have started researching one of the names in Russell’s notebook, Sir Ernest Shackleton. They have learnt so far that he was a polar explorer, wanting to be the first to cross Antarctica from one end to the other. He travelled on a ship called Endurance that became ice packed but we don’t know yet whether he was successful…

Year 6 – King of England

This week in Year 6 we have produced election campaigns for the three claimants to the throne in 1066.

The children worked hard in their teams, reaching agreements and organising who should play which part. All children showed fairness and consideration to others and listened to ideas and suggestions, taking account of different views.

Each group gave a two-minute persuasive speech to Year 5 about why they thought their candidate was the best person for the job of King of England.

The votes have been counted and results revealed tomorrow!




Medieval day Year 1

The children looked splendid today enjoying our medieval topic celebration day. They have been very busy:

  • writing invitations and menus
  • painting themselves as medieval characters
  • creating banners with family crests
  • creating a medieval musical composition
  • learning a medieval dance

& they ended the day with right royal banquet with a feast fit for a King!

Photos & videos here! 

Kitchener’s Volunteers

Over the last couple of weeks, Year 6 have been considering why anyone would join to be a soldier in World War 1.

First, the children learnt about the reason behind the call for volunteers, and  inspired by recruitment posters and the Sergeant Major’s speech from Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo, decided whether they would join or not. They discussed the power of following the crowd (the Pals initiative) and discussed what would happen to men who chose to stay at home.

The children have since designed their own posters and persuasive speeches to help the recruitment drive.

Have a look at the pictures – and videos of some of the speeches being performed – here.


Swallows get ready for battle!

When Swallows came in this morning there was…DRAGON POO EVERYWHERE!

After reading a diary entry from William the Conqueror and the start of the story ‘Sir Scallywag and the deadly dragon poo’, it became clear that William’s army had tried to get to the treasure (hidden in our school) by bombarding the classrooms with dragon poo. Thankfully, Baron Greedygut’s plan didn’t work…we still have the treasure!

To prepare ourselves as brave and noble knights we have been practising getting the Ellenbrook castle ready to defeat William’s army. We have rehearsed the following steps:

1. Fill the moat.

2. Lift the drawbridge.

3. Lower the portcullis.

4. Run up the motte.

5. Keep a look out.

6. Arrows at the ready.

7. Aim and fire!

The children are now ready to write their instructions for the other knights in the school!