Healthy Eating with Mrs Hood!

Year 1 Voyagers and Discoverers have been very lucky this week to spend the afternoon with Mrs Hood, the school nurse, to learn about how to keep our bodies healthy!

Firstly, they learnt the importance of hand-washing and how to do it thoroughly for spotlessly clean hands after going to the toilet, before eating, after touching pets and if they sneeze or blow their noses. They don’t want to spread any germs! Each child was given paint spots on their hands and sent to practise hand washing themselves, ensuring all the spots had disappeared before they returned to the classroom!

Year 1 also got the opportunity to meet ‘The Veggie Gang’ and enjoyed tasting a variety of healthy fruits including strawberries, sultanas, pineapple, grapes and the ‘super fruit’ blue berries. The children know we need 5 portions of fruit & veg to eat-healthily and that a ‘portion’ means a handful.

We finished the session by getting our bodies moving and hearts beating completing our daily mile.

A very enjoyable afternoon…take a look!

Year 5 Whistles- Chocolate Project

In Year 5, we made our first chocolate prototypes for some lucky Year 6 and members of staff to try.

We got some brilliant feedback on what will work well (and what won’t) and feel very confident in our designs.

We are now extremely excited to be making our final chocolates and can not wait to create our advertising campaign.

Take a look at some pictures below!

Year 5 – Rockets

We have been loving our topic this half term “What is really out there?”. We have been looking at the effects of air resistance and decided to build a rocket. However, something interesting happened! We bumped into Year 2 and they had explained that they are learning about gliders and are going to be making one. But, they weren’t sure about which wing design would be the most suitable for their gliders and year 5 weren’t sure about what material would be the most suitable for our rockets. So we set each other the task to test out each other’s enquiry question.

Here are the images of a Year 5s investigation.

Next week we will be giving Year 2 our findings. Check back in with us then to see how we’ve done.



Year 6 Bridges

As part of our work on the Industrial Revolution, Year 6 have been investigating bridges today. With their engineer heads on, they considered what made a strong bridge, investigating practically. Later on, they put their new-found knowledge to good use by building bridges in teams that could span a 50cm gap and hold as much weight as possible.

We have yet to test our finished bridges, so we will let you know what designs worked best and why!

Have a look at the pictures of our D&T day here.

Year 2 Jets – Pudding Lane Houses

For homework, we set ourselves the challenge of re-creating Pudding Lane as it was in 1666. What an amazing job we have done! Now we are working on writing a historical recount of the Fire. Then we think we could actually re-enact the Fire!

Well done Jets, another amazing homework. I’m loving your enthusiasm for our topic.

How do we keep ourselves healthy?

Year 1 Amazons and Swallows have been learning how to keep healthy with the help of the school nurse, Mrs Hood.

They practised hand-washing for spotlessly clean hands and know it is important to wash their hands after the toilet, before eating, after touching pets and if they sneeze or blow their noses. They don’t want to spread any germs!

Also Year 1 met The Veggie Gang! And they taste-tested a range of fruits and vegetables including spinach, cucumber, strawberries and sultanas. The children know we need 5 portions of fruit & veg to eat-healthily.

Artie Beat told the children how to keep fit. From playing rugby or football to swimming and doing push-ups Year 1 know to keep moving to live healthy life-styles and have begun to understand the job of each vital organ in the human body.

They’ve really enjoyed their sessions with the nurse!

Take a look at Year 1 in action… 

Animal models

Year 1 have been busy designing animal models this week. They had to choose the necessary materials and equipment they needed then fix and join the materials in order to make their model. It had to be sturdy and stand up – quite challenging to ensure! Once made, the children painted their models to look realistic. They also evaluated the success of their models against the success criteria. Well done Year 1.



Chocolate Project!

Year 5 have had a fantastic half term, designing, marketing and making their chocolate products. The day has finally come and the children have been able to put all of their hard work to the test. The children sold their chocolates to the whole school as well as their parents in order to make a profit.

Have a look at the photos to see what they have been up to!

Week 2 with Bells

We have had such a fun week this week! We have been busy practising our Summer Performance songs and dances, and they are sounding great!

In DT we have been busy adding to our puppets. We have secured the heads in place, and have now started to think about their costumes. We have cut the template of the outfit and have begun stitching an applique feature onto the design. A massive thank you to those who donated costume material! It was very kind of you and we really appreciate it.

In Maths, we have enjoyed converting units of measurement and applying this to perimeter. Yesterday, we did a Problem Solving activity where we had to calculate the perimeter of a magic carpet, draw it to scale, and converted the measurements!

We had a lovely Science lesson where we discussed and explored how sounds were made, and how the sound travels to our ear. Some of our musicians played their instruments for us, and we worked out how the sounds were made.

We have continued working on our playscripts in English, and will be performing these on Monday. They have done a super job!