Swallows take action!

There were ‘reports’ on Ellenbrok news that councillors have planned to send bulldozers to Ellenbrook wood! They are planning to flatten the trees, fill in the pojd and build new houses. As you can imagine Swallows were not happy; they were very concerned for the welfare of the birds and plants they know live and grow there so they took action! They started the week with live tv reports, went into write newspaper reports (very well!) and finished the week with a protest! SAVE OUR WOODS! DONT LET THE BULLDOZERS NEAR! 

Kitchener’s Volunteers

Over the last couple of weeks, Year 6 have been considering why anyone would join to be a soldier in World War 1.

First, the children learnt about the reason behind the call for volunteers, and  inspired by recruitment posters and the Sergeant Major’s speech from Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo, decided whether they would join or not. They discussed the power of following the crowd (the Pals initiative) and discussed what would happen to men who chose to stay at home.

The children have since designed their own posters and persuasive speeches to help the recruitment drive.

Have a look at the pictures – and videos of some of the speeches being performed – here.


Swallows get ready for battle!

When Swallows came in this morning there was…DRAGON POO EVERYWHERE!

After reading a diary entry from William the Conqueror and the start of the story ‘Sir Scallywag and the deadly dragon poo’, it became clear that William’s army had tried to get to the treasure (hidden in our school) by bombarding the classrooms with dragon poo. Thankfully, Baron Greedygut’s plan didn’t work…we still have the treasure!

To prepare ourselves as brave and noble knights we have been practising getting the Ellenbrook castle ready to defeat William’s army. We have rehearsed the following steps:

1. Fill the moat.

2. Lift the drawbridge.

3. Lower the portcullis.

4. Run up the motte.

5. Keep a look out.

6. Arrows at the ready.

7. Aim and fire!

The children are now ready to write their instructions for the other knights in the school!

Year 6 World War One Outbreak

In Year 6 this week, the children have begun their new topic on the First World War by learning about the outbreak of war: why did the war start? Why were Britain involved?

As part of this learning, the children are planning a newspaper article that would have appeared on the front page of a paper on August 5th 1914 – the morning after Britain declared war. To help them with this, they interviewed some important people that may be useful to quote within their newspaper article. These included the King and the Prime Minister, as well as some famous pacifists.

Have a look at our journalists and VIPs in action here.

News reporters in Swallows

Well would you believe it, on arriving at school on Monday morning the children discovered their classroom had been trashed! Whatever had upturned the tables and chairs, ripped our displays and scrunched up paper had left footprints and a large green egg. The children reported the incident on their own news Chanel throughout the day and have been asking lots of questions about what has happened.

Year 6 Titanic Eyewitness Accounts

At the start of this half term, each of the children in Year 6 were paired with a passenger on the Titanic. All the passengers that the children were paired with survived the sinking.  After listening to some radio interviews of real survivors, they children imagined that they were their passenger telling their story of survival on the radio too, thinking about how they would recount it but also how to manipulate the feelings of the listener.

Have a listen – how do these survival stories make you feel?

Year 5- Did they really land on the moon?

Our topic in Year 5 is ‘Did we really land on the moon?’ We performed persuasive speeches to try and convince members of our class on whether we did or did not land on the moon after researching into conspiracy theories.

I was very impressed with how well Year 5 articulated their points and with so much enthusiasm. They were very convincing!


Year 2 Jets Great Fire of London

Today we got to reenact the Great Fire, this has been a great topic and the children have been so engaged. Using all their historical knowledge they recreated Pudding Lane and then retold the events of the 4 days of the Great Fire. They were so good and could explain why the fire spread so quickly. Have a look at our exciting afternoon…