KS2’s Busy Week!

Well, what a fantastic final week we’re having in Key Stage 2!

Yesterday we had a very special visitor from Google who gave us an incredible VR experience and took us to see ancient pyramids, outer space and even back to visit some dinosaurs! We all had a great time and are really looking forward to applying it in our new topics after half term.

We’ve also had a super time at our cinema trip this morning and our KS2 Christmas party this afternoon! All of the teachers were very impressed with those dance moves and thank you so much to parents for all of the generous donations of food- very much appreciated!

Take a look at pictures from our fantastic week here…


Duncan goes on an adventure (Reception Swallows)

Our phonic puppet, Duncan, had a wonderful plan…

To sail with a fine pirate crew.

So he packed up an apple, his favourite feast,

and sailed off on the wide ocean blue!

This week we have loved reading our letters from Duncan and hearing all about his adventures. He met mermaids, got eaten by a whale, followed a treasure map and even met a scary sea monster! We have been reading the story ‘Pizza for Pirates’ and have made pizza with the play dough, counted ingredients and even went to the ICT suite to draw pirates on the computer.

Take a look at the video below to see Duncan’s adventure, our classroom activities this week and some of our computer drawings…

Year 6 Scratch

Year 6 have been working on improving their programming skills using the programme Scratch. They have made some excellent games called Whack-a-Snack, where you gain points for clicking on healthy snacks and lose points for clicking on unhealthy snacks. How many points can you achieve before the time runs out? Comment with your highest score!