Swallows Art Week – Monday

Today was the first day of Arts Week…hooray!

First we talked about the words in the quote ‘Together we achieve the roots to grow and the wings to fly!’ which is our quote of the week. Then we looked at Cassie Leatham’s art work called ‘Over time we come together’, discussing the patterns and shapes we could see as well as how the art showed ‘together-ness’. We drew around our own hands to begin our own art work in he style of Cassie’s. On some we collaged different tones of paper to show that even though we are all different, we can come together as a family and work as a team.

In the afternoon we looked at aboriginal symbols as this is the art Cassie uses, and we even created our own symbols. Finally we added some symbols to our hands from the morning to create patterns.

A Mysterious Crime in Year 6!

What a busy last day of term we had in Year 6!

I was shocked when I came in to school in the morning and discovered that somebody had been in the classroom and stolen the chocolate I had bought for Year 6 to celebrate the end of the half term. They’d even left a note showing a complete lack of remorse! Luckily, I knew just the people to help me investigate.

There were three possible suspects who were in the building at the time of the crime: Mrs Parkins, Mr Marks and Mrs McKenna. After investigating the crime scene and collecting evidence, Year 6 decided to interview the suspects and collect fingerprints and handwriting samples. After extensive analysis, we decided there was only one possible course of action: arrest Mr Marks!

To give Mr Marks a chance, we had a trial, but the evidence proved too conclusive: the jury decided that Mr Marks was guilty. We decided an appropriate punishment would be to buy us some more chocolate. I hope he’s learned his lesson!

Have a look at the pictures of our Year 6 investigators in action.

This was a great end to a busy half term in Year 6.

Remember Year 6 that we will be doing tests the first week back, so your homework is to use your revision guides / mathletics to prepare. Don’t forget to read, read, read too!

British Values Day in Nursery

Nursery had lots of fun celebrating what it means to be British!

They came to school dressed in the colours of the Union Jack – red, white and blue.

They spent the day exploring the principles of British Values democracy, the the rule of law, mutual respect, individual liberty and tolerance.

During they day they;

made Union Jack flags,

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drew pictures of their families – sharing them as a group to compare similarities and differences to see how all our families are special,

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wrote democratic stories by voting for what they wanted to happen,

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shared and took turns playing different games,






made friendship bracelets to give to their friends,

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explored the tradition of Wimbledon to see if they could be Wimbledon champions!

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British Values Day in Year 3

Miss Watson and Miss Jolley were very proud of all the children in Year 3 for the maturity they displayed on our British Values Day.

At the start of the day, children were asked to draw images that they thought reflected Britain and it’s values. They were told that we would revisit these images at the end of the day.

We began by thinking about our own values and what is important to us in our lives. We then moved onto thinking about ‘What makes someone British?’ The children had a list of statements and they had to discuss how strongly they agreed with them.

In the afternoon, we thought about democracy and why it is so important in Britain. The children voted for every child in the class to receive a special award at the end of the year. We made sure we were fair by ensuring everyone received an award. The children also had to make sure our awards reflected the many creative talents we have in our classes!

Finally, we discussed all the words that we thought reflected Britain and it’s values. After a full day of exploring these concepts the children generated words such as: respect, diversity, united and tolerance. We placed these words inside a map of Great Britain and we are going to make a fantastic display.

When we revisited the images we drew at the start of the day, we realised that Britain is about much more than stereotypical images. Instead we are a diverse nation made up of individual people from many different cultures and religions.

Have a look at the pictures from the day here. 

Year 6 British Values

We’ve thought a lot today about what it actually means to be British. The children were really mature and insightful in challenging stereotypes associated with Britain and discussing why these aren’t always correct.

We’ve also concentrated on the Rule of the Law and considered existing rules that we think are fair and some that we think aren’t. The children then decided which rules they’d like to put into place if they were in charge for a day, wrote proposals and battled these out in our very own Year 6 ‘House of Commons’. Well done Lords and Ladies!

Take a look at us in action…
Year 6 House of Commons! on PhotoPeach

British Values Day in Year 2

What a super day considering and celebrating our British Values! We began the day thinking about our personal values and the the values of Britain today. We discussed democracy and took part in an activity voting for our class Councillors for year 3, well done Sofia and Andrew. Another activity was working with a partner to find things that are the same and things that are different. We discussed having respect and tolerance for our differences. Before we celebrated this in our street party we learned our National Anthem! A super day with some great discussions, well done everyone.

British Values Day in Year 5

We thought hard about our British Values today. Our activities centred on tolerance, acceptance of faith and democracy. We exercised our individual liberty and freedom of speech to debate topical questions and discussed what it might be like to live under a communist, dictatorial or monarchical system of government- we decided we preferred democracy! We then wrote our own manifestos for school council election.


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