Arts Week in Year Three Whistles FINAL

What a fantastic week we have had creating our shadow puppet theatre and accessories! Have a look here at the recorded scenes from our production…

Thank you to all of the parents who came to admire our great effort and achievements, and to those who donated. I have been extremely proud of all of Whistles this week for their hard work, determination and creativity. Well done!  Miss J. 🙂

Year 3 BELLS Art Week Day 5

On Day 5 we pulled all our Art work together to make our giant class display to show the other classes and our parents. The children finished their POP UP books and added POP ART lettering to their front covers. In the afternoon all the other classes came to see our fantastic art work. The children in Year 3 have worked incredibly hard this week and they are so proud of their art work. Miss Watson would like to say a big thank you to the children for their dedication and commitment to producing the best quality art work – you have all shown great skill this week.

Miss Watson and all of Year 3 Bells would like to say a big thank you to all the parents who came to see our art work. We hope you enjoyed looking at it as much as we enjoyed creating it. If you didn’t get a chance to see the wonderful work, you can take a look at the pictures here. 


Year 3 BELLS Arts Week Day 4

The artists in Year 3 Bells have had another day of hard work and fun as Arts Week continues. We begun our day by painting our Superhero/villain models and our giant “Traction Man” story scenes. They are now looking very bright and snazzy! 

We have spent the rest of our day finishing off our POP UP books by adding colour and detail with pencil crayons. The children have worked extremely hard on their books and they are very excited to show the other classes and their parents tomorrow.

Arts Week in Year 3 Whistles – DAY FOUR

Whistles worked well this morning as a class to bring together each teams’ scenes so we could record the puppet show. Everyone was involved from screen directors and stage crew to audience participation and musicians. Have a look at some pictures from the scenes here…

During the afternoon, the children then continued to apply drawing skills to create a lily pad template, which they then transferred to felt to create cushions for the theatre seats. Whistles got used to holding and handling sewing equipment and practised different stitches, choosing their best for sewing the material for their cushions. A few pictures of us in action…

Tomorrow will be used to create tickets, posters, signs and set up the classroom as our gallery to showcase all of our creative hard work!

Year 3 Bells Arts Week Day 3

Paul returned to Year 3 BELLS today. We practised drawing superheroes and villains again and concentrated on making them look realistic with proportions, costumes and expressions. The children created a new character each – either a superhero and a villain – then Paul showed us how use water colour and ink  to bring our drawings to life!

In the afternoon, Paul showed us how to create a POP UP book. We started the afternoon by drawing a street/city scene using linear perspective – this was a tricky skill but Bells worked so hard and produced fantastic work. Paul then helped us to create a POP UP superhero character to add to the scene. Tomorrow the children will finish their pop up books by adding colour.

Our giant New York city scene is also coming along brilliantly. Click here to see the artists in action today. 

Arts Week in Year Three Whistles – DAY THREE


With their puppets created and frames ready, the artistic teams worked on writing a script for their scene, including stage directions and musical interludes. These will be filmed tomorrow!

Paul returned too today and showed us how to create a water colour painting of a scene from TUESDAY.

We’ve also further developed our origami skills today; creating origami frogs to add to our in-class pool on Friday too.

Whistles deserve a well-earned rest tonight, after their hard work today; ready for a another full day of art tomorrow, when they will put their sewing skills to practise!

Arts Week Year 6- DAY 3

Our charcoal and chalk pictures are really starting to come together now! We’ve worked really hard this morning to make sure we used the new techniques we learned yesterday to achieve the mysterious black/white/grey tone that we need to illustrate our stories. Yesterday we worked mostly with charcoal but today we’ve also tried using chalk and pastels to add a little colour with a spooky effect.

Have a look what we’ve been up to…


Year 6 Arts Week – DAY 2

We’ve had another fantastic day bringing the stories of Harris Burdick to life, along with our own spooky mystery stories!

Today we worked with our first artist, Julie, using our photography from yesterday to experiment with different charcoal effects. We then focused on a specific part of our photographs and recreated these in charcoal which look amazing so far- I can’t wait to see the finished products at the end of the week.

Stay tuned to see our finished charcoal illustrations tomorrow, when we’ll also be experimenting with chalk, pastels and stencil effects! 🙂