Arts Week 2018 Year 6

Year 6 have been inspired by William Morris and his Arts and Crafts movement. The man who believed that “wherever nature works, there will be beauty”, that art should be accessible to all and not “only a few” and that hard work would result in success, has been an excellent role model for all the Year 6 artists and designers.

The children used elements of Morris’ patterns to create their own unique designs.

Arts Week Day 2 in Sharks – 22.05.18

We have had another fantastic day in Sharks today, as we had a very special visitor. We met an artist Paul, who helped us to develop our drawing skills. When we had finished, we collaged them all to produce a class map of Africa. We have really shown what a super team we are!

Swallows Arts Week Tuesday

Today Swallows have:

  • Been very lucky to have painted aboriginal trees with Steve, our visiting artist! They look fantastic!
  • Created dotted hands like the aboriginals would have which we are going to use on a large class butterfly.
  • Collaged paper (which they made by scraping, rolling, sponging and printing paint) to create the wings of the butterfly.

A busy but fun day had by all!

Arts Week!

Arts Week – Day One!

What a busy Monday!

Today Nursery found out that their focus story for the week is ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. They learnt that Carle is not only the author of this well-loved story, but its illustrator too!
Image result for hungry caterpillar clipartFollowing this, we met a real artist called Julie! She has helped us to make our own story pictures using felt and mark-making tools. After that we used a range of threading materials to weave and create our story background. We are looking forward to seeing this come together over the next few days…

Alongside this, Miss Jancy has also been to visit to begin our egg to caterpillar to butterfly movement piece.

Lastly, we have been using tools to create our own paper using different shades of paint! We used bubblewrap, combs, brushes, sponges and a range of kitchen utensils to create different textures like Carle and tomorrow we are looking forward to using this for collaging 🙂

Take a look at what we’ve been up to!  

Day Two 

Today we have really enjoyed using the paper we created yesterday to collage our own caterpillars! What do you think?

We have also taken part in threading leaves to work our pincher fingers, creating caterpillar masks for role-play and collaging leaves for fingerprint caterpillars!

Day Three

Another wonderful arty day today!

The children were very excited as today they worked in small groups to create their own set of butterfly wings! They used different materials and thought about shape, patterns and position to make their wings symmetrical. We are looking forward to them drying so we can use them for role-play and our egg to caterpillar to butterfly movement piece!

We have also been using different shades of red paint to design individual butterflies for our wall art. We used cotton buds to add a range of patterns including spots and stripes and to fill them with colour!

Take a look at us in action!

Day 4

Image result for eric carle head to toe

We shared the story ‘Head to Toe’ by Eric Carle and learnt that Carle didn’t only write about and illustrate caterpillars, but other animals too! We recognised that he had used different shades of the same colour for each animal and texture had been created to. Using this as our inspiration, we chose our own animals to paint by mixing various colours and using tools to create the same effect!

Day Five

What a busy but fun-filled week! The children are sad that today is our last day of arts week. We have spent today finishing all our wonderful mini-projects and sharing the work we have completed so far! The children should be very proud of their wonderful efforts 🙂