Bells at Lledr Hall- Day Two

Another wonderful day at in North Wales. The children took part in probably two of the best activities that are on offer- the fisherman’s gorge and gorge walking!

Luckily, the weather was kind and the children managed to traverse the  fisherman’s gorge along the river without being swept away(!). Of course, they were safe at all times but every child faced the challenge head on and with great courage!

The gorge walk is my personal favourite (as you can see in the photos)  and I think it is a favourite amongst the children too! The famous ‘elephant’s bum’ was climbed and the children had great fun paddling and swimming up the afon (river) valley.

Again, due to the limited bandwidth here in North Wales I can only post a selection of photos. More photos will appear when we are back at school.

See you tomorrow!


Mr Marks


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