Reception’s Autumn walk in the woods!

We had a fantastic start to the week  – we put on our wellingtons and went for a lovely, crisp walk in our local woods. It was lots of fun running through the leaves and spotting different autumn signs in the world around us. On our walk we found pine cones, acorns, conkers, apples, crunchy leaves and berries! We collected lots of things to add to our investigation table!

Have a look at our Autumn walk pictures below…

Reception Elm’s Autumn walk.

Reception Oak’s Autumn walk.

In our classroom we have lots of autumn materials (thank you for you all the items you sent in!) and we have been using them within our provision. We have;

  • Threaded autumn leaves.
  • Compared leaves by size.
  • Rolled and counted conkers.
  • Created autumn tree art.

We have also been looking at the book ‘Leaf Man’ and used our Autumn collections to make our own leaf characters. Another busy and exciting week!

Arrrrghhhhh! Reception Oak Pirates on the loose!

Reception Oak have had the best pirate day at Bring Yer Wellies!

And what a busy day it was! After arriving and meeting the friendly horses we had a quick play on the beach before going for a walk to explore the grounds.

On the pirate pond we spotted a real pirate ship!! The pirate was having nap so we tiptoed by to make sure we didn’t wake him!

We then got into our activity groups read to start pirate work. The children had lots of fun carrying out five different work shops. They….

….turned each other into pirates using face paints…..

….created their own pirate bandana to which they added their own pirate name…

…decorated a class pirate flag which we will be hanging up in our classroom…..

….hunted for pirate treasure using grid references and exploring different pirate objects….

….named their own pirate boats ready for racing down the river…..

After completing our workshops we were ready to take part in a very important pirate job – hunting for treasure! We worked in our groups to carefully read maps and collect different objects from around the grounds – unfortunately we didn’t find any real treasure but luckily Melissa did! Whilst we had been hunting she had found a treasure chest! We quickly opened it but instead of gold we found balls and a note say “haha I have stolen all the gold!” We knew exactly who had taken it – the sleeping pirate! Luckily the children came up with a plan, we would sneak up on the pirate, throw the balls at him and steal back the treasure!

We found the pirate rowing about on pirate pond! He was laughing and squirting water at us! Luckily we had our balls ready to throw at him! Melissa caught him for us and put him in the stocks and Callum, Harriet and Cooper got him wet by throwing sponges at him – that’ll teach you cheeky pirate!

After all that pirating we were very hungry and definitely ready for lunch!

After lunch the rain arrived but this didn’t put us off we hurried down to the field for some pirate boat racing in the river – our boats were very fast!

Finally we headed back in to the dry to build some pirate dens and practice our pirate walks! Arrghhhhh!

The children loved their day and listened and behaved beautifully. Melissa and Nigel couldn’t believe how well the children lined up and listened ready for each activity!  We are so proud of our amazing class!

What an fantastic day! A big thank you to Big Yer Wellies for our pirate advenute. I would also like to say a huge thank-you to Lucy’s mummy, Isabelle’s mummy, Bailey’s mummy, Erin’s mummy, Charlie’s daddy, Cooper’s mummy, Alfie’s Mummy, Milo’s mummy and Miss Warren for helping us today.

Take a look at more pictures from our day here!

Reception – Ahoy me hearties!

What a brilliant first two weeks we have had in Reception. The children have settled into their new classrooms brilliantly and we have had so much fun learning all about pirates!

First we shared the story Portside Pirates and thought about what it would be like to live on a pirate ship. We then looked at the story Pizza for Pirates and the adventures of George who wanted to set sail with a ‘fine pirate crew.’ This inspired our furry class friend Boris to set off one night to find pirates and adventure on the sea! Boris found a pirate crew and had many adventures searching for treasure and exploring the seas. He even met a sea monster who tried to eat him up! Luckily we made and sent Boris some pirate pizzas to keep the sea monster happy – we had a class discussion about healthy and unhealthy food. Boris then sent us a map so we could find him and bring him safely back to school!

We have also been very busy…

  • Building pirate ships with the lego
  • Turing photographs of ourselves into pirates – adding hats and eye patches
  • Digging up and counting pirate treasure
  • Making pirate hats – using chalk to draw skull and cross bones.
  • Weighing treasure using scales
  • Creating textured sea monsters
  • Writing letters to put into bottles to send back to Boris
  • Designing pizzas for pirates and counting on toppings
  • Making stick puppet pirates to tell pirate stories

The children have also loved sharing their treasure boxes of summer holiday treasure and we have been asking lots of questions. They have also taken part in their first PE lesson with Miss Jancy!

Click on the links below to see photographs of the children exploring their learning and making new friends.

Reception Elm

Reception Oak

Reception Discoverers – Forest Schools!

Reception Discoverers have had the most “fantastic” “cool” and “awesome” day at Forest Schools today!

When we arrived we met our forest school teachers and were shown our forest camp. We then split into teams to take part in lots of exciting activities. We moved around a carousel where we got to….

….use a saw to cut our own wooden medallion which we then decorated.

…. make magic wands by winding string around sticks we collected from the forest.

…….toast bread on the fire.

……carry out a magical fairy treasure hunt using our treasures to build treasure houses.

……create out own  ‘Nature Ninja’ bandana using leaves and petals which we crushed into the material with mallets!

In the afternoon we explored the forest and had a brilliant time going on ninja adventures, swinging in the hammock and climbing the rope ladder and the trees! At the end of the day we returned to our camp fire where we toasted marshmallows and sang songs around the fire.

A big thank you to the forest schools team and the mummies who came help us.

What a brilliant day!

Take a look at the pictures of us exploring our day here! 

Music Festival 2018

On Wednesday 27th June the school held another fantastic Music Festival.

As always the children were fantastic and wowed the audience with their talent as they sang and performed on a variety of instruments.

A huge well done to all of the pupils who took part – what a talented bunch!

Thank you to the parents who came watch and support the event – I am sure you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Have a look at our amazing musicians here!


The Big Sing!

A huge well done to all of the members of the Ellenbrook Junior Choir!

On Thursday 21st June the children performed with schools from all over Salford live on stage to an audience of amazed parents and the Salford Mayor and Mayoress.

After a full day of rehearsals our fantastic choir did us proud performing brilliant and confidently.

Take a look at them on stage and in rehearsals here!

Creepy Crawly up-date

Reception now have cocoons!

On Monday the children arrived excitedly to check on our caterpillars – they couldn’t wait to see what had happened to them over the weekend! On arriving in the classrooms they found some of the caterpillars were already hanging by a silk thread ready to become a cocoon.

The children got to watch all week as each caterpillar spun a sticky silk blob to hang from, dangled from their silk curling up their heads and then shed their skin to reveal their cocoon.

By Friday each class had 5 cocooned caterpillars!

Now we must wait patiently for our butterflies……

Creepy Crawlies in Reception!

This week we had a special delivery to Reception – some real life caterpillars!

The caterpillar’s are currently eating and growing inside a special caterpillar home filled with sugary food.

The children have explored the caterpillar life cycle and identified the next stage the caterpillars will go through – we are now waiting for them to create cocoons. It is very exciting!

The children are now asking lots of questions about mini-beasts which we will be exploring through our floor book groups over the next two weeks.

What this space to see what happens to our caterpillars……

Arts Week in Reception!

Reception have had a brilliant arts week this week! The children have loved exploring different art forms and techniques and above all getting messy!

Reception based their arts week around The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. We discussed Eric Carle as an illustrator and looked at how he used different shades as he created his characters and drew the settings. The children have been able to have a go at a variety of activities to explore and develop different skills. This has included;

  • Leaf threading
  • Creating symmetrical play dough butterflies
  • Using water colours to make stained glass butterflies
  • Using natural materials to create different insects.
  • Making our own paper and using it to create Eric Carle styled pictures.
  • Painting in different shades in the style of Eric Carle.
  • Creating caterpillars with egg boxes.
  • Creating character puppets to tell the story.
  • Making paper chain hungry caterpillars.

Our main project has been to create a butterfly patchwork. Each child has designed their own butterfly using a wax resist technique – using crayons and brusho inks. They then learnt how to sew, stitching on ribbons and lace and adding buttons for extra effect. The butterflies will now be sewn together to create one giant patchwork with a square created by each child in our reception – it will look amazing!

As well as all these busy activities the children were lucky enough to work with two artists. First Paul Pickford visited us and helped us to create some very messy, hairy caterpillars! We mixed our own green paint and added caterpillar hairs and glue to make a sticky paint! We then painted foam balls which we joined together with wire to create our caterpillars, before using felt to add details such as eyes and antenna! It was lots of fun and we got very messy!

Secondly we had a visit from a puppet artist called Mandy. She brought in some of her amazing puppets to show us and told us the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar using her puppets. Her puppets were made of wire, pipe cleaners and wool. We were then keen to make our own puppets so Mandy showed us how to make a sock puppet caterpillar and we used wire and cellophane to make a beautiful butterfly. We then used a similar cellophane technique to make the fruits and foods from the story for our caterpillar to munch through. Our work looks amazing!

Click on the class name to see the children creating their patchwork butterflies – Voyagers Discoverers

Click on the class name to see the children working with Paul – Voyagers Discoverers

Click on the class name to see the children working with Mandy – Voyagers Discoverers

Take a look at some of our amazing finished pieces…….

The Billy Goats Gruff in Reception

This week have learnt the story of The Billy Goats Gruff and explored the different characters and events through the provision in our classroom We…

  • Used masks and instruments to tell the story of The Billy Goats Gruff on our outdoor climbing frame bridge.
  • Ordered the story and made our own story maps.
  • Wrote speech bubbles for the characters’ speech.
  • Read and matched different adjectives to the troll and the goats.
  • Played a troll tig game outdoors – focusing on moving in different ways and teamwork!
  • Built bridges across the river with the lego.
  • Designed our own trolls, adding adjectives to describe them.
  • Used a computer program to create story scenes and retell the story.

On Tuesday we received a letter from the goats telling us how their grass had become yellow and dry in the sun. With their letter they had sent us some seeds so we worked together to decide how best to grow the goats some new grass. We have each planted some seeds and chosen a spot to grow them in. We will now see whose seeds grow best.

Here we are planting our seeds!