Science in Year 5

We have had a great morning testing materials for three elements….





It was tricky, at first, to ensure we had a fair (ish) test planned and a written method with predictions – but we did it. It was great fun testing the durability as the children came up with a (very tough) 5 step challenge for each material.

Here we are testing how waterproof materials are…..

We did however find some problems with our  line of enquiry as we didn’t keep everything FAIR.

Wish us luck for tomorrow’s scientific enquiry……….

Year 5 ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’……

The ‘stand out’ learning this week, as well as some great descriptive writing for settings in English, has to be our Music!

Our music, this half term, is based around the ‘Bon Jovi’ song ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ and we are absolutely rocking out in class!

We have some GREAT singers in the class and some very musical children. The children now know the lyrics and can play instruments in the guitar solo section.  We are continuing to work on our performance of the song and have added a special twist on the song for Harvest.

We will keep you updated on this and add a video of the performance at the end of half term 🙂

“Woahhhhhhh livin on a prayerrrrrrr”


Year 5 Falcons Weekly Update

Another great week with lots of hard workers in Year 5.

We FINALLY finished our class book ‘Monster Slayer’ by Brian Patten.  We were very surprised that Grendel a) has a mother and b) what she looks likes.  If you think Grendel is beastly you should see his MOTHER!


We created our own beasts that would fit in the story and next week we will be creating their homes!

We have enjoyed exploring negative numbers this week in Maths and have done our pre-learning ready for rounding numbers next week.

In music we added instruments to our song ‘Livin on a prayer’ – this is a work in progress.

Again it was great to see Bob the builder in assembly who taught us about our weekly tool – the spade !

See you next week!