Healthy Eating with Mrs Hood!

Year 1 Voyagers and Discoverers have been very lucky this week to spend the afternoon with Mrs Hood, the school nurse, to learn about how to keep our bodies healthy!

Firstly, they learnt the importance of hand-washing and how to do it thoroughly for spotlessly clean hands after going to the toilet, before eating, after touching pets and if they sneeze or blow their noses. They don’t want to spread any germs! Each child was given paint spots on their hands and sent to practise hand washing themselves, ensuring all the spots had disappeared before they returned to the classroom!

Year 1 also got the opportunity to meet ‘The Veggie Gang’ and enjoyed tasting a variety of healthy fruits including strawberries, sultanas, pineapple, grapes and the ‘super fruit’ blue berries. The children know we need 5 portions of fruit & veg to eat-healthily and that a ‘portion’ means a handful.

We finished the session by getting our bodies moving and hearts beating completing our daily mile.

A very enjoyable afternoon…take a look!

Animal madness!

Another fabulous week of learning in Year One!

In English we have been building on our letter writing skills replying to our friend Panda, inspired by the focus text ‘Dear Panda’ by Miriam Latimer!

In line with our ‘Zoo’ topic we have also been using ‘The Animal Boogie’ to think about animal movements and describe them using the -ing suffix e.g. Swinging, roaring, stomping. Alongside this we have been using animal names to look at how to change a word from singular to plural.

As part of our Maths work we have been exploring “teen” numbers, thinking about how many tens and ones each has. We have been using tens frames to represent these numbers and discussing how a tens frame can show us whether a number is bigger or smaller than ten.

Please remember to check book bags on Friday as the children will be receiving their first piece of homework for Year One. Be as creative as you like and we look forward to sharing them!

Here are some pictures from this week:

Year One Discoverers

Year One Voyagers


WOW! Blackpool Zoo Trip

Following a slow start to the day due to traffic, Voyagers and Discoverers had a fantastic day at Blackpool Zoo beginning to explore our learning challenge this half term ‘Why are tigers not like humans?’ 

To name just a few…we saw the sea lions swimming, the penguins posing, the gorilla’s snoozing and the lions prowling. Not forgetting, Blackpool Zoo’s newest addition, a 5 day old zebra! 

We also got the opportunity to hear from one of the zoo keepers, who taught us about 4 of the different animal groups – mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds! We will be using and extending our learning of these groups in the classroom.

Take a look at Year 1 in action on their first trip this year!

A huge thank you to all the adults who volunteered to help and those who joined us today. We hope your enjoyed it as much as we did!

First week back!

Voyagers and Discoverers have had a wonderful first few days in their new classes! We have been so impressed with how well they have adapted to Year 1 and their new learning environments.

In English, we have been focusing on the ‘smart name’ for each letter of the alphabet and applying this to painting our very own animal alphabet for the classroom!
In Maths we have been learning the months of year through song. We worked together to create a class birthday chart and used this to make comparisons between amounts.
In Science we have been taking part in group discussions and sharing about what we already know about animals before our topic commences! We have also been thinking about what we would like to find out about animals to direct our learning.

As a WOW for our ‘Animal’ topic this half term, the children (and staff, of course) are very excited for their first Year 1 trip to Blackpool Zoo! We look forward to seeing you on Monday 🙂

Miss O’Brien and Miss Wilks

Pets, Pets, Pets!

Nursery have thoroughly enjoyed our ‘Pets’ topic the past three weeks, taking part in a variety of fun pet-themed activities, exploring a different kind of pet  daily and focusing on the stories ‘The Great Pet Sale’ by Mick Inkpen and ‘Aaaarrgghh Spider’ by Lydia Monks. We also got the opportunity to look after our own class pets for a couple of days, Frank and Phil the goldfish! Nursery did a fantastic job of taking care of them.

Over the past three weeks we have..
– Bought and sold pets in our role-play shops
– Painted and described our pets (or a pet we would like!)
– Cooked for cats in the mud kitchen
– Took part in a ‘Crufts’ obstacle course
– Designed our own fish tanks in the ICT suite
– Created animal information pages
– Counted cheese cubes for the mice
– Hunted for spiders outdoors

We are now pet experts! Take a look at how busy we’ve been!


Voyager’s and Discoverer’s Transition Day!

What a wonderful day Reception have had acting as Year One Voyagers and Discoverers yesterday! They settled so well into their new environments and were eager to start their learning in KS1, exploring the new resources and activities.

We had lots of animal-themed fun! We made animal masks using collaging materials, measured play dough crocodiles using multilink, created fact pages about our favourite animals and built zoo enclosures in the construction area. We also wrote about what animal we would like to be and why, as part of our English work, and made paper chain number line snakes as part of our maths.

A very busy and enjoyable day. We can’t wait to see you all in September to continue the fun!

Miss O’Brien and Miss Wilks 🙂

EYFS Games Day

Image result for bunting clipartWhat an enjoyable afternoon we had on Monday! The children worked so hard in the sunshine taking part in our annual EYFS games day.

They took turns to…
– Race on the bikes
– Fill the water bucket
– Hook the ducks
– Balance the egg and spoon
– Collect the fish at the seaside
– Take part in a running race
– Complete the obstacle course
– Bounce on the space hoppers
…and beat the goalie!

We were so proud of the children who put in 100% and showed super sportsmanship!

It was a fabulous turnout too. Thank you to all the grown-ups who came to cheer us on and support us, especially those who took part themselves 🙂

Take a look at us in action!

The Animals Went in Two by Two…

Nursery have had another great week of exploring ‘Dear Zoo!’ by Rod Campbell.

As part of our literacy work, we have created our own ‘lift-the-flap’ book pages, choosing our favourite zoo animals and writing about why they wouldn’t make a good pet. The children have also been following instructions to learn how to draw animals, using their fine motor skills to paint zebras using cotton buds and practised their tricky word recognition in the sand pit.

Through our maths work we have been learning the song ‘The Animals went in two by two’ alongside the story of ‘Noah’s Ark’. We have been adding small world animals to our boats and finding out how many are left when we take small amounts away. This has also inspired our construction, building boats to fit all the animals in, and our art work.

The children have worked in groups to make their own ‘Animal Ark’ collage! They used different materials to create a team picture and chose an animal they would like to put onto their Ark, giving reasons why.
Take a look!

We look forward to seeing you at Sports Day on Tuesday 26th at 2pm 🙂

Dear Zoo!

Following last week’s ‘Oi Frog’ focus, this week we have been exploring animals further using the much-loved ‘lift the flap’ story ‘Dear Zoo’ by Rod Campbell. We have thought carefully about why these zoo animals wouldn’t make very good pets and used adjectives to describe them e.g. they are too scary, they are too heavy

The children have been participating in many fun, themed activities. Firstly they have worked as a team building their very own zoo in the classroom. It comprises of different lego brick enclosures, signs to ensure the animals are in the right place (and don’t eat each other up!), painted animal patterns and collaged, spiral, hanging snakes!

Alongside this, they have ordered zoo animals by height, hunted and counted zoo animals in the sand pit and made a variety of animal masks for role-play.

Next week the children will take on the role of ‘zoologists’ , collecting facts from books and the computer to create an information page of their chosen zoo animal!

Another grrrrr-eat week in  Nursery!

Oi Frog!

“Cats sit on mats, hares sit on chairs, mules sit on stools, gophers sit on sofas and frogs sit on logs!”

Nursery have had a fantastic first week back exploring rhyme through the very silly but funny story ‘Oi Frog!’ by Kes Gray.

To name a few of this week’s activities, the children have been….

– Matching rhyming pairs in reading time
– Counting frogs onto numbered lily pads
– Painting the five green speckled frogs
– Junk modelling objects for the animals to sit on
– Working in pairs to create an animal scene on the laptops
– Creating their own ‘Oi Frog’ rhyming books!

Such a busy 4 day week!

Hope to see you at the Summer Fair on Sunday 🙂