All Mixed Up!

This week we have been looking at The Mixed-Up Chameleon by Eric Carle. The children found it hilarious that the chameleon had all the different animal parts by the end. We have discussed what mixed up animals we would like to be and even had a penguin, giraffe and dog! We used lots of different media to create our own chameleons and talked about camouflage and why animals in the wild need to hide away. We hid animals around the classroom and children went on a hunt to find them.

We have also been using our listening ears and beginning to start our phonics activities. We have been listening to instrument sounds and identifying which one Mrs Richardson is playing behind the screen. We were also concentrating to listen to the simple beat and copy it on our drum! We enjoyed the game so much that we even set it up ourselves during continuous provision, taking turns to be the teacher.

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