Reception’s Autumn walk in the woods!

We had a fantastic start to the week  – we put on our wellingtons and went for a lovely, crisp walk in our local woods. It was lots of fun running through the leaves and spotting different autumn signs in the world around us. On our walk we found pine cones, acorns, conkers, apples, crunchy leaves and berries! We collected lots of things to add to our investigation table!

Have a look at our Autumn walk pictures below…

Reception Elm’s Autumn walk.

Reception Oak’s Autumn walk.

In our classroom we have lots of autumn materials (thank you for you all the items you sent in!) and we have been using them within our provision. We have;

  • Threaded autumn leaves.
  • Compared leaves by size.
  • Rolled and counted conkers.
  • Created autumn tree art.

We have also been looking at the book ‘Leaf Man’ and used our Autumn collections to make our own leaf characters. Another busy and exciting week!

Full Time Fun

What a fantastic week we have had – all our friends in together! We have formed some lovely friendships and have continued to practice our class rules of using kind hands, looking after our toys and listening to the grown-ups and our friends. We have continued our exciting topic of colours and thankfully the sun came out for our ‘bright colours’ day as it went missing on our yellow day! We have really enjoyed learning about dark colours where we looked at dark spooky pictures for points of discussion, practiced our cutting skills by cutting out spiders and following recipes in our mud kitchen.

We loved orange day as we got to make our very own glass of orange juice and we even had a go at using the sharp knife (with Mrs Richardson’s help) to cut the orange. We followed instructions to cut, squeeze, pour and best of all drink the orange juice!

We have finished the week off by looking at a story which brings all our colours together…on an elephant! ‘Elmer’ has proved a firm favourite and we are looking forward to creating our own patchwork for our class Elmer.

Take a look at the photographs from our week here!


Year 6 Whistles- mountains and rivers

After our incredible few days in Lledr hall exploring the landscape of North Wales, Lledr river and the Snowdonia mountains, we were interested to find out how rivers and mountains are formed.

We looked at the structure of the Earth and how plates converge together to create mountains. We then researched the journey of a river and the children were given a challenge to present what they had learnt to the rest of the class. We had some brilliant role play and we even had one group do a rap using all the vocabulary they had learned!

Here it is:

We have the rain and the mountains,

plus the source and the springs,

which follows on to the tributary.

Confluence, meander and floodplains too

and the delta and the mouth which is awesome for you!

We are looking forward to delving further into North Wales and finding out lots more about it!


Year 5 Falcons Weekly Update

Another great week with lots of hard workers in Year 5.

We FINALLY finished our class book ‘Monster Slayer’ by Brian Patten.  We were very surprised that Grendel a) has a mother and b) what she looks likes.  If you think Grendel is beastly you should see his MOTHER!


We created our own beasts that would fit in the story and next week we will be creating their homes!

We have enjoyed exploring negative numbers this week in Maths and have done our pre-learning ready for rounding numbers next week.

In music we added instruments to our song ‘Livin on a prayer’ – this is a work in progress.

Again it was great to see Bob the builder in assembly who taught us about our weekly tool – the spade !

See you next week!

Arrrrghhhhh! Reception Oak Pirates on the loose!

Reception Oak have had the best pirate day at Bring Yer Wellies!

And what a busy day it was! After arriving and meeting the friendly horses we had a quick play on the beach before going for a walk to explore the grounds.

On the pirate pond we spotted a real pirate ship!! The pirate was having nap so we tiptoed by to make sure we didn’t wake him!

We then got into our activity groups read to start pirate work. The children had lots of fun carrying out five different work shops. They….

….turned each other into pirates using face paints…..

….created their own pirate bandana to which they added their own pirate name…

…decorated a class pirate flag which we will be hanging up in our classroom…..

….hunted for pirate treasure using grid references and exploring different pirate objects….

….named their own pirate boats ready for racing down the river…..

After completing our workshops we were ready to take part in a very important pirate job – hunting for treasure! We worked in our groups to carefully read maps and collect different objects from around the grounds – unfortunately we didn’t find any real treasure but luckily Melissa did! Whilst we had been hunting she had found a treasure chest! We quickly opened it but instead of gold we found balls and a note say “haha I have stolen all the gold!” We knew exactly who had taken it – the sleeping pirate! Luckily the children came up with a plan, we would sneak up on the pirate, throw the balls at him and steal back the treasure!

We found the pirate rowing about on pirate pond! He was laughing and squirting water at us! Luckily we had our balls ready to throw at him! Melissa caught him for us and put him in the stocks and Callum, Harriet and Cooper got him wet by throwing sponges at him – that’ll teach you cheeky pirate!

After all that pirating we were very hungry and definitely ready for lunch!

After lunch the rain arrived but this didn’t put us off we hurried down to the field for some pirate boat racing in the river – our boats were very fast!

Finally we headed back in to the dry to build some pirate dens and practice our pirate walks! Arrghhhhh!

The children loved their day and listened and behaved beautifully. Melissa and Nigel couldn’t believe how well the children lined up and listened ready for each activity!  We are so proud of our amazing class!

What an fantastic day! A big thank you to Big Yer Wellies for our pirate advenute. I would also like to say a huge thank-you to Lucy’s mummy, Isabelle’s mummy, Bailey’s mummy, Erin’s mummy, Charlie’s daddy, Cooper’s mummy, Alfie’s Mummy, Milo’s mummy and Miss Warren for helping us today.

Take a look at more pictures from our day here!