Year 5 Whistles- Chocolate project and Art Gallery

On Tuesday, all of Year 5’s hard work and preparation came together as it was chocolate sales day! We had an excellent day selling our chocolates to friends and family and we got some brilliant reviews. They all tasted delicious and we made lots of profit too!

It was also the time to show off our beautiful artwork that we had worked so hard on in our gallery. Everybody was extremely impressed and left some wonderful comments about our artwork. We are very proud of ourselves!

Take a look at some pictures below.


Year 2 – Bring Yer Wellies

What a fantastic trip we have had today at Bring Yer Wellies! As usual Jets were on their best behaviour and blew Melissa and Nigel away with their fantastic knowledge of habitats. It was great exploring the different habitats and explaining why it was the ideal habitat for different animals.

The afternoon was great fun racing our boats and den building. Have a look at our day…...

Well done Jets as usual Mrs Baird and Miss Curwen were super proud of you xx

Pets, Pets, Pets!

Nursery have thoroughly enjoyed our ‘Pets’ topic the past three weeks, taking part in a variety of fun pet-themed activities, exploring a different kind of pet  daily and focusing on the stories ‘The Great Pet Sale’ by Mick Inkpen and ‘Aaaarrgghh Spider’ by Lydia Monks. We also got the opportunity to look after our own class pets for a couple of days, Frank and Phil the goldfish! Nursery did a fantastic job of taking care of them.

Over the past three weeks we have..
– Bought and sold pets in our role-play shops
– Painted and described our pets (or a pet we would like!)
– Cooked for cats in the mud kitchen
– Took part in a ‘Crufts’ obstacle course
– Designed our own fish tanks in the ICT suite
– Created animal information pages
– Counted cheese cubes for the mice
– Hunted for spiders outdoors

We are now pet experts! Take a look at how busy we’ve been!


Reception Discoverers – Forest Schools!

Reception Discoverers have had the most “fantastic” “cool” and “awesome” day at Forest Schools today!

When we arrived we met our forest school teachers and were shown our forest camp. We then split into teams to take part in lots of exciting activities. We moved around a carousel where we got to….

….use a saw to cut our own wooden medallion which we then decorated.

…. make magic wands by winding string around sticks we collected from the forest.

…….toast bread on the fire.

……carry out a magical fairy treasure hunt using our treasures to build treasure houses.

……create out own  ‘Nature Ninja’ bandana using leaves and petals which we crushed into the material with mallets!

In the afternoon we explored the forest and had a brilliant time going on ninja adventures, swinging in the hammock and climbing the rope ladder and the trees! At the end of the day we returned to our camp fire where we toasted marshmallows and sang songs around the fire.

A big thank you to the forest schools team and the mummies who came help us.

What a brilliant day!

Take a look at the pictures of us exploring our day here! 

Reception Voyagers – Forest Schools!

WOW!! What an AMAZING day!! We have had so much fun… We used a saw to cut our own wooden medallion, made magic wands, toasted bread on the fire and completed a magical fairy treasure hunt! We also used lots of petals and leaves to print our own ‘Nature Ninja’ bandana! In the afternoon we explored the woodland and had a brilliant time building dens, swinging in the hammock and climbing the rope ladder! To finish the day we toasted marshmallows and sang songs around the fire.  Thank you so much to our brilliant parent helpers – Sare’s mummy, Zaki’s mummy and Harry’s mummy.

Click here for lots of photos of the day!

Bring yer wellies – swallows

We’ve learnt and done lots today! 

All plants are different! But they all need ENOUGH water to survive and grow;  not too much and not too little so we have to take care of how much water we give plants. When planting plants we must make sure they are comfy just like when we are tucked up in bed. Plants help clean our air to create pure oxygen so we can stay alive. So….look after the plants! 

The herbs in the herb gardens smelt incredible; there was spearmint, lemon and oregano. We even got to plant our own herbs and take them home! 

We found lots whilst pond dipping: pond skater, froglets, great water boatman to name a few. We also enjoyed some competitions in the afternoon: den building, ring the bell and boat racing. 

A super-fun day of outdoor activities with Swallows! 

Amazons visit Bring Yer Wellies!

WOW! What a fantastic day Amazons have had at Bring Yer Wellies!

We most definitely didn’t need our wellies as the sunshine was glorious; a perfect day for an outdoor trip.

We began with a play on the “beach”, followed by a chat with our helper Nigel about what plants need to survive and how to look after them. Then we weaved through the herb garden and got to smell some lovely herbs – spearmint and lemongrass. After that, we put our newfound knowledge into practice and planted our very own spearmint and peppermint plants, before relaxing on the grass for lunch.

After refuelling, we worked in 2 teams – Miss Wilks’ team and Mrs Berryman’s team – to carry long sticks and sheets to make a den. Our other helper Melissa said that Amazons were the most sensible class she had ever had den building. Miss Wilks and Mrs Berryman were very proud! Finally, we were given a boat per team to name which we then took down to the brook to race in the current. Mrs’ Berryman’s team, the Minty Pirates, were victorious!

The children were an absolute credit to themselves and the school and a wonderful time was had by all!

Here are some pictures from the day.