Arts Week 2018 Year 6

During arts week Year 6 were very lucky to be visited by an artist: Isobel Pickup. She helped the children to transfer their William Morris designs onto printing tiles.

The children used great concentration and skill to cut out their design. Then it was printing time; lots of ink, precisely placed rollers and patience were called for. Year 6 rose to the challenge and even the man himself would have been proud of their craftsmanship and printmaking efforts. Finally, Year 6  produced true masterpieces that pay homage to William Morris.




Arts Week in Reception!

Reception have had a brilliant arts week this week! The children have loved exploring different art forms and techniques and above all getting messy!

Reception based their arts week around The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. We discussed Eric Carle as an illustrator and looked at how he used different shades as he created his characters and drew the settings. The children have been able to have a go at a variety of activities to explore and develop different skills. This has included;

  • Leaf threading
  • Creating symmetrical play dough butterflies
  • Using water colours to make stained glass butterflies
  • Using natural materials to create different insects.
  • Making our own paper and using it to create Eric Carle styled pictures.
  • Painting in different shades in the style of Eric Carle.
  • Creating caterpillars with egg boxes.
  • Creating character puppets to tell the story.
  • Making paper chain hungry caterpillars.

Our main project has been to create a butterfly patchwork. Each child has designed their own butterfly using a wax resist technique – using crayons and brusho inks. They then learnt how to sew, stitching on ribbons and lace and adding buttons for extra effect. The butterflies will now be sewn together to create one giant patchwork with a square created by each child in our reception – it will look amazing!

As well as all these busy activities the children were lucky enough to work with two artists. First Paul Pickford visited us and helped us to create some very messy, hairy caterpillars! We mixed our own green paint and added caterpillar hairs and glue to make a sticky paint! We then painted foam balls which we joined together with wire to create our caterpillars, before using felt to add details such as eyes and antenna! It was lots of fun and we got very messy!

Secondly we had a visit from a puppet artist called Mandy. She brought in some of her amazing puppets to show us and told us the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar using her puppets. Her puppets were made of wire, pipe cleaners and wool. We were then keen to make our own puppets so Mandy showed us how to make a sock puppet caterpillar and we used wire and cellophane to make a beautiful butterfly. We then used a similar cellophane technique to make the fruits and foods from the story for our caterpillar to munch through. Our work looks amazing!

Click on the class name to see the children creating their patchwork butterflies – Voyagers Discoverers

Click on the class name to see the children working with Paul – Voyagers Discoverers

Click on the class name to see the children working with Mandy – Voyagers Discoverers

Take a look at some of our amazing finished pieces…….

Greater Manchester Music Hub Singing Challenge 2018

Greater Manchester Music Hub Singing Challenge 2018

Today at 2.15pm, Ellenbrook joined other schools from over Greater Manchester in singing ‘Together in unison’. The song, broadcast live on Salford City Radio, brought children together across the area to promote the power of singing as a fun and collaborative means of fighting stress and forming friendships.

Take a look at us in action singing!



Year 5 Bells- Arts Week!

So far we have had a fantastic arts week! On Monday we explored continous line drawings inspired by Henry Moore and began to draw fine details using fine liner.

On Tuesday we were visited by our artist (Mandy Beck-McKim) and we created wire creatures with wings. She showed us her style of artwork and we used that to inspire our own creating. Once we had moulder our form out of wire, we created decorations that we were going to attach later. These decorations were dipped into a coloured liquid called fantasy film and when dried, they turned into a transparent film.

Today we continue our work from yetsrerday and made another winged creature by manipulating wire and dipping into the fantasy film.

Take a look at our photos to see what we have been up to so far