Year 5 Whistles- Plants

In Year 5, we have been looking at how plants reproduce. We planted some poppy seeds and then talked about how a flower might make these seeds.

We learnt all about the different ways that the pollen can travel from flower to flower and then how this pollen joins with an ovule to create a seed.

The children were challenged to create a piece of role play to show this process using all the vocabulary they had learnt.

They all did a fantastic job! Take a look at some pictures below.   

Lowry trip

Last week, Year 5 visited the Lowry art gallery to enhance our project. We are currently going for the Discover award for the Arts mark, so our task was to explore an artist and interview gallery staff. We had a fantastic day learning about L.S. Lowry and developing our drawing skills.


Reception – meeting the chicks/Spring woodland walk!

What a brilliant week! We met and held our little baby chicks that hatched last week. We also went on a woodland walk to look for signs of Spring! We found lots including bluebells, daffodils, bird nests and blossom trees!

Voyagers – Spring walk…

Click here for more photos of our Spring walk!

Voyagers – Meeting the chicks…

Click here for more photographs of meeting the chicks!


Discoverers – Spring walk…

Click here for more photos of our Spring walk!

Discoverers – Meeting the chicks…

Click here for more photographs of meeting the chicks!




Year 4 – Measure

In Maths we have been exploring measure including weight, length and volume.

We started by having a go at measuring items and getting a good feel for what things weigh and what different lengths look like. We looked at all different units that can be used to measure.

Once we got a feel for the units and what things feel and look like we then did two mini projects – one on length then one on weight.  We chose items around school to estimate the length and weight of.  Using a variety of equipment we measured them and then finally we used our multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and 1000 skills to convert the measurements.

All pupils have made great progress in this area and have worked very hard.

When you are at home or out and about have a go at estimating and measuring things 🙂

Farmyard fun!

It’s been a busy week in Nursery. We’ve having lots of fun learning about the farm inspired by our class chicks. We were amazed how much they grew over the weekend!

To name a few of the activities we’ve been taking part in…
– Creating a class graph of our favourite farm animals – Chicks won!
– Sorting and comparing farm fruit and vegetables
– Singing and acting out ‘Farmers in the den’
– Counting animals into the farmer’s fields
– Planting seeds like a real farmer!

Today we received a letter from Farmer Fred! We have been invited to visit Smithalls on Thursday 17th May to learn more about life on the farm. We were very excited and thought about what we would like to ask the farmer when we get there.

Take a look at some of us in action this week…


Bog baby friends born in Swallows

Chrissy has been worried that her bog baby was getting lonely in our classroom and had no bog baby friends, so the children designed and made friends for him! This week they have been writing descriptions of their bog babies so Chrissy knows what they are all like. Next, they will be coming up with ideas of what their bog baby will do in and around school, before writing diary entries: ‘A day in the life of me and my bog baby at Ellenbrook…’.

A very EGGciting week in Reception!

In Reception we have been learning the story of the Little Red Hen. We have been using lots of story language, actions and voices – ask us to tell you the story at home! To link with this story we have been weighing flour, kneading bread in the bakery, making masks and acting out the story on the stage outside and making moving windmills. We have also tasted and compared lots of different breads from around the world – bagels, brioche, naan bread, ciabattas and tortillas.

We have also loved watching our eggs hatch and meeting our baby chicks!! It has been a brilliant first week back.

Here are some photos from the week



Amazons – Bog Baby!

After our fantastic local walk on Wednesday we have been extremely busy writing to Chrissy to tell her all about Ellenbrook and what plants, trees and wildlife are in our area.

We have also been taking good care of the bog baby! We have been writing letters to him, as well as drawing and describing what he looks like using our senses.

We have all worked really hard this week and Miss Wilks and Mrs Berryman are very proud.