Year 6 World War One Outbreak

In Year 6 this week, the children have begun their new topic on the First World War by learning about the outbreak of war: why did the war start? Why were Britain involved?

As part of this learning, the children are planning a newspaper article that would have appeared on the front page of a paper on August 5th 1914 – the morning after Britain declared war. To help them with this, they interviewed some important people that may be useful to quote within their newspaper article. These included the King and the Prime Minister, as well as some famous pacifists.

Have a look at our journalists and VIPs in action here.

What’s so special about Brazil?

To introduce our new topic ‘What’s so special about Brazil?’ we have explored the Amazon rainforest and began to understand what it was made of. Each child created their own model rainforest.

However, their beautiful rainforests were then torn down and cattle farms were replaced. This then sparked a discussion within the classroom about deforestation and the causes of it.

Take a look at the pictures to see what we were up to.


Year 6 Homework

Hi Year 6

For next week, Tuesday 6th March, in your Learning Logs, can you show me what you know about the following objectives:

  • English. Newspaper writing / bias. Can you find a real life example of bias in the news? Sports news might be a place to look! How can you tell the writer is biased? Is it obvious or hidden?
  • Maths. 2D shape vocabulary.  Could you create a game that tests another pupil’s vocabulary knowledge? Could you present different shapes in a sorting diagram?
  • Geography. The map of Europe. Could you plot where you have been in Europe on a map? Could you find out more about one particular place in Europe?
  • History. What caused World War One? Could you present what you know in a creative way?

Remember these are just ideas!

Remember to do lots of reading. Anything you find that might be useful to your own writing, remember to note down so you can use it. Please ask an adult to comment on your reading in your Reading Record.

Don’t forget Times Tables Rockstars too!

News reporters in Swallows

Well would you believe it, on arriving at school on Monday morning the children discovered their classroom had been trashed! Whatever had upturned the tables and chairs, ripped our displays and scrunched up paper had left footprints and a large green egg. The children reported the incident on their own news Chanel throughout the day and have been asking lots of questions about what has happened.

Someone’s been in our classroom!

Nursery were shocked today when they found that someone has been in our classroom over the holidays! They had been eating porridge in our snack area and had broken a book in our reading den while leaving such a mess. We discussed who we thought it might be. The children were sure that this person was naughty suggesting that it might have been the Big Bad Wolf, a giant or the Gingerbread Man!

Throughout the day the children collected jigsaw puzzle clues that they found hidden in the classroom. At the end of the day, we fitted them together to discover that the intruder was in fact Goldilocks! The children thought that she must of done those things by accident but must say sorry for her actions! We are looking forward to hearing from her soon…

Year 6 Homework

Hi Year 6

Over half term, please can you revise any areas of grammar or maths that came up as gaps on your tests (which should have gone home).

For reading, make sure you read, read, read as much as you can. Parents, please ask your child about what they are reading and comment in your child’s reading record.

For spellings, keep practising the spellings from this half term as revision.

Don’t forget Times Tables Rockstars too!

Have a lovely break! 🙂

Year 2 Jets

This week we have been developing our maths strategies for division. We began the week using concrete apparatus, we quickly moved onto using place value counters and exchanging. By the end of the week we can use visual representations to divide numbers even when there’s a cheeky remainder!

Miss Curwen has worked with us this half term on gymnastics and was very proud of our final body management performance this week. work everyone.