Spring In Year 4

Hello Friends and Family 🙂

We have had a very busy few weeks in Year 4 with lots of exciting news and learning going on.

Firstly may we just say we are SO EXCITED about our residential trip to Dobroyd Castle in May.  We cannot wait to start planning our trip and then to go on the trip!

We have been really focusing on our number work in Maths through our brand new GUIDED MATHS session.  We do these every day after lunch and we are already making so much progress.

We especially enjoyed working on fractions this week and last, look out for our fraction walls on the video 🙂

In English we are LOVING  our text The Arrival by Shaun Tan.  It has really extended our knowledge of refugees through the images and our imagination. Our letters as a refugee were superb – we even turned them into Origami birds!

Topic is so interesting this half term as we are learning about something so current in the world. We are extending our geographical skills by exploring the refugee crisis today and in the past. Some of it is emotional and we are blown away by the lives the refugees have.

Take a look at our video showing some of the work we have been doing….



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Year 6 Homework

Hi Year 6

This week, I am not setting you any homework in your Learning Logs.

Next week, we will be doing practice tests. Therefore, I would like you to use your homework time to look over anything you feel less confident with using your revision guides.

Don’t forget you still need to read as much as possible, and practice your times tables. Don’t forget about Times Tables Rockstars!

Cross Country

There were 4 cross country races held on a Saturday morning. Year 3 and 4 boys and girls were well represented with at least 6- 8 runners per race. However, Y5/6 boys and girls struggled to get a team together but many thanks to Daniel and Harry  running for Y5/6 boys and Molly, Anna, and Syana for Y5/6 girls.

Y3/4 boys team were in first place after the first race but, unfortunately after a very cold and snowy second race they dropped down to 3rd place with St Marks and James Brindley in joint first. However, there was only one point between Ellenbrook and the winners so it was down to the last race.

All the regular Y3/4 boys ran on the last race and a huge well done to them as they won the team Bronze (Louis, Alfie, Vishnu, Khai , Caelan and George). Unfortunately this was the only medal we won.

But I would like to say a huge thank you to all the children and parents who turned up for the races on the Saturday mornings and also for those parents who helped out by either being a marshall or helped with the results.


Many thanks

Mrs Jones


Frozen fun in Reception!

We love Frozen! In our classroom we have transformed our role play area into Elsa’s Ice Castle and have loved dressing up as all the characters. We have made comparisons between Ellenbrook and Arrendale (where the story is set) and used a globe to learn about places that are snowy all the time!

In maths, we have been counting snowflakes – we listened to the twinkly instrument and counted using our fingers and number fans. Some of us even had a go at making a tally and grouped in fives! This week we have made a shop (like Oaken’s in the story) and have learnt all about money, ordering by price and combining amounts to work out how many pennies altogether.

At the beginning of this week we received a letter from Elsa. She had been busy playing in our ice castle but had accidentally frozen all of our toys! We worked as a team to find the quickest way of helping them escape. The children had some fantastic ideas including putting him on the radiator, covering him in warm jumpers, pouring hot water on top and trying to find him some sunshine! A super investigation!

We have also been busy making Elsa magical wands, designing our own stone trolls and building the marshmallow man with marshmallows! Look at our pictures from the past two weeks here…



Our Arctic Adventure!

This week we have been exploring the story “Lost and Found” By Oliver Jeffers – all about a lost penguin and a little boy who wants to help him get home! We worked together as a class to create a story map using story pictures, story language and actions. The children have become experts at retelling it!

After reading the story we thought that our class snowman must be lost too! The children said he couldn’t stay in the classroom because he would melt when the seasons changed. The children decided they needed to get him home to the Arctic to be with his family in the freezing cold weather all year round!

After spending the past week planning how we were going to get there, this morning we went on our Arctic expedition all aboard the children’s choice of transport – row boat! We used our map to navigate towards the north, passing slippery ice and snowy mountains.

Take a look at our amazing Arctic adventure…

Year 6 Homework

Hi Year 6

In your Learning Logs this week, for Tuesday 30th January, please can you show me what you know about the following objectives:

  • English / Topic. How do you represent a disaster? In English and in Art, we have been looking at how to respond to the Titanic tragedy. You could continue our work in poetry or art to show emotions by creating your own poem, or artwork, inspired by an emotion or event of your choice. Or, you could think of your own way to represent the Titanic disaster.
  • Maths. / Topic In Maths we have continued to explore area and perimeter, particularly looking at how to find the area of triangles and parallelograms. We have also started to apply our understanding of area and perimeter to ship design. You could explore the real life application of area in design: perhaps to your own ship design or another design of your choice. Can you show you know how to use the formulae for area of rectangles, triangles and parallelograms?

We will also be having another look at Times Tables Rockstars on Monday – can you get a star slip for improvement?

Snowy and Icy Places

Over the past two weeks Nursery have been working in our colour groups to explore winter-themed learning challenges!

Red group – How do you build a snowman without snow?

Red group had to order numbered instructions and follow the pictures to build their own snowmen using different materials; twigs, buttons, pipe cleaners, felt scarves and model magic!

Blue Group – How does rain change to ice?

Blue group collected rain water and experimented by putting them in different places to see which ones froze and turned to ice. They were challenged to rescue a toy from Miss O’Brien’s frozen rain water!

Green Group – What happens to animals in winter?

Green group went on a hunt in our outdoors to spot animals and used information books to sort the animals into which sleep and which hunt for food during the winter time.

Yellow Group – How do you make hot chocolate?

Yellow group followed numbered instructions to make hot chocolate. They rolled the dice and added the matching amount of marshmallows…yum yum!

Orange Group – Who can throw the snowballs the furthest?

Orange group had a competition to see who could throw the ice cubes the furthest! They measured their attempts using tape measures and number fans.

Take a look at our group work!