Year 6 Liverpool Maritime Museum

To start our next topic, “Why do people remember the Titanic?” Year 6 visited the Liverpool Maritime Museum today to gain some beginning knowledge about the Titanic tragedy and the timeline of events.

While there, the children took part in a workshop that included some role play and allowed them to ask lots of questions, gaining answers from a Titanic expert.

Year 6 also visited the Titanic exhibition, learning lots from the artefacts and information available.

Before they went home, Year 6 also took some time to plan some questions they would like to investigate after Christmas.

Have a look at the pictures of the day here.


Year 5 Jodrell Bank

To inspire our next topic, ‘Did they really land on the moon?’,year 5 have visited Jodrell Bank and participated in a range of activities to enhance their Science understanding.

The children took part in a workshop which involved landing delicate ‘cargo’ onto Mars. They had to build a device which transported their egg safely, ensuring that it did not break on landing.

We then explored the life of astronauts and what they but do in order to stay fit and healthy when living in the international space station.

Take a look at our photos from the day.

It’s Christmas Time!

This week we have had a very festive week! The children have worked hard…

…answering the phones in the Elf workshop and writing lists of the toys needed.

…throwing snowballs into baskets and counting and recording their scores.

…making and writing in Christmas cards.

…reading instructions to follow Father Christmas’s recipe to make their own reindeer sparkle!

…making and wrapping a small gift for their families.

After the children’s amazing performance in the EYFS Christmas Play they were rewarded with a trip to watch the pantomime Cinderella at the Bolton Albert Halls – they children were very excited and it was a fantastic morning out and a super show!

They then finished the week with a Christmas party full of party games, dancing and party food, Father Christmas himself even paid a visit!

What a busy and very Christmassy week!

Take a look at us enjoying our party in our party clothes here! 

We can’t wait until Christmas!!


Year 2 Jets Great Fire of London

Today we got to reenact the Great Fire, this has been a great topic and the children have been so engaged. Using all their historical knowledge they recreated Pudding Lane and then retold the events of the 4 days of the Great Fire. They were so good and could explain why the fire spread so quickly. Have a look at our exciting afternoon…

Year 6: Life during the Industrial Revolution

Over the last week, Year 6 have been considering what it would be like to be alive during the Industrial Revolution. They looked particularly at life for child workers and role played some of the jobs they might have had if they had been alive 200 years ago. They considered: if the jobs were so awful, why did people do them?

Today, Year 6 had some bad news – their wages were going to be cut. Could they survive on a lower wage? Was it fair? What could they, as workers, do about it? Inspired by the picture book Mr Bunny’s Chocolate Factory by Elys Dolan, Year 6 went on strike! If they all walked out of their jobs, surely that would have an impact?

Have a look at the pictures of some of our lessons here!

Year 1 Swallows

Year 1 Swallows have had a very busy week!

The children sang tremendously in the KS1 nativity as the hoe-down chorus choir! Here we are…

They have also worked very hard naming, identifying and describing 2D shapes. Activities included making shape pizzas and creating a 2D shape picture. Some of the children even know what a nonagon is now! Take a look here…

To link the Maths work with Art, we studied the work of Kandinsky and identified shapes in his paintings before creating work of our own in his style. Kandinsky listen to music composed by Wagner when he was creating his pieces so Swallows did this too.  They had to close their eyes and use the music to influence their pencil movements across the page. Have a look at us in action here…

Year 6 Homework

Hi Year 6

For your last homework of the year, please can you show me what you know about the following objectives for Monday 18th December:

  • Maths. Calculating with fractions.
  • English. Coming Home by Michael Morpurgo – writing narratives / cohesive writing / tense changes.
  • Topic. Life during the Industrial Revolution.

Continue learning all your spellings – we have a spelling and grammar test to do next week so they’ll be tested there.

In lieu of a Christmas party, we’ll end our work on the Industrial Revolution by watching Oliver! next Thursday. Please feel free to bring some food and drink to share with your friends while we watch.


For those who wanted it:

EYFS present A Wriggly Nativity!

This week the Reception and Nursery children wowed their families with two fantastic performances of A Wriggly Nativity.

We are so proud of how confidently the children took to the stage.

The parents were dazzled by the amazing singing and dancing, lovely loud speakers and an all-round fantastic performance.

We had angelic angels, sparkling stars, comical kings, superstar shepherds, a magnificent musical band, incredible innkeepers, amazing animals, including baaaarilliant nursery sheep, and of course a fantastic Mary, Joseph and Donkey.

Take a look at our star performers in their costumes below….

 Click here for the Nursery sheep on the Nursery blog